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August 10, 2022

Ponta: Remaking USL is excellent for Romania

Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the candidate in the November 16 presidential runoff election endorsed by an alliance of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC), told a meeting on Wednesday in Giurgiu with PSD members and sympathisers that the remaking of the Social Liberal Union (USL) is excellent for Romania.
‘The USL is being remade – the red of the PSD, the yellow of the Liberals and the blue of the PC -and that is excellent for Romania, because that was how we were voted in office in 2012; we were voted as USL that included PSD, Liberals and the PC; the fact that the plan hatched by Mr Basescu and Mr Iohannis to break up USL and remake the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) with Klaus Iohannis as leader has failed, as far as we are concerned, and that is excellent for Romania,’ said Ponta.
He added that he would be a president of all Romanians, and Calin Popescu Tariceanu a European prime minister.
MP Daniel Chitoiu, who joined Ponta in Giurgiu, said the Reformist Liberal Party (PLR) is the true Liberal party in Romania and that party will endorse the PSD-UNPR-PC candidate in the presidential runoff election.
‘PLR is the true Liberal party, and Victor Ponta will surely be Romania’s next president because we started together as USL, we governed well as USL and the remaking of the USL will be performed by PLR joining the current ruling coalition. Politically speaking, I am with Giurgiu County, and in the electioneering campaign for the presidential runoff election PLR will walk with PSD in supporting Victor Ponta as president,’ said Chitoiu.
He added that the future Government to be headed by a prime minister designated by Ponta, namely PLR’s national leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, will fight for Giurgiu and the less developed counties to be advanced at least to the level of medium developed counties.
All bad things in Romania over past 10 years will disappear
Incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta said all bad things in Romania over the past 10 years will disappear, and all the social categories, including doctors and teachers, will be respected and encouraged.
‘There were 10 bad years for Romania, unfortunately, but only 10 days are left. After 10 years, it’s 10 more days, and I want to commit to you, who brought so many votes to me in Giurgiu, and in front of everyone who voted for me, that all the bad things in these 10 years will disappear. The teachers and the doctors will be respected and encouraged,’ Ponta declared at an electoral rally in Giurgiu (south of Bucharest) on Wednesday.
He mentioned he was visiting Giurgiu County first after the opening round of the presidential election because it was there he got the best results countrywide, and he was very happy about the trust placed in him.
The candidate added his further obligation is to the Romanian flag; therefore, he untied his red scarf and asked for a three colour one. He also promised he would be a president of all Romanians; he added he wanted an European prime minister, and he was considering Calin Popescu-Tariceanu for the job.
Ponta got over 61 percent of the votes in Giurgiu County in the first round of the presidential elections.
“I understand the annoyance of those outside the country”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta also said onWednesday he does not agree with those saying the Romanians living outside the country’s borders are better than those living in the country, nor does he approve of those who say his voters are ‘bad and stupid’, while former presidential contender Monica Macovei’s are ‘wise and good’.
‘I considered legitimate the annoyance of those outside the country who didn’t succeed to vote. I worked abroad, I studied abroad, I love my country and I always think that home is best, but I believe any Romanian in the country and living abroad if wants to vote will vote on November 16 too. This is what I do not agree with: to say that those outside the country are better than those in the country. No. I think both those living abroad and those living in the country are good. (I do not agree) that those who voted for me are bad, stupid, while those who voted for Monica Macovei are wise, good and principled’, Ponta said in an address to the Social Democrat members in the Danube River county of Giurgiu (southern Romania).
He added that no matter who the person voting for him is, ‘all Romanians who work or who worked for this country, all law-abiding Romanians, all Romanians who believe in God and who love their family are good Romanians’.
No change to the current Government formula until December 21
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said late on Tuesday that until December 21, as long as he is the prime minister, there will be no change to the current Government formula.
“Let’s be very clear: until December 21 as long as I am prime minister, there will be no change to the current government formula because it would be frivolous to change it for a month, but the new prime minister, who will be Mr. Tariceanu, will discuss with the new leader of the PSD [the Social Democratic Party], following my resignation as PSD leader to take office as president of Romania, under the statute of PSD, the executive chairman, Mr. Dragnea leads PSD. The Government formula will be discussed with Mr. Daniel Constantin, Mr. Oprea, Kelemen Hunor, they will definitely be assigned minister portfolios, but it remains to be seen,” Victor Ponta told B1 TV on Tuesday.
At the same time, the PSD leader said he believes that the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) members will not keep their word to Iohannis and the Liberals will join Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
He added that he expects that by December 2016 stability will be achieved in Romania.
“I will be able to discuss, mediate with the ruling coalition, but also with the parties in the Opposition,” Ponta said.

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