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February 4, 2023

Alexandru Andries presents “Self-Portrait” at TNB Conferences

Alexandru Andries will deliver Sunday from 11.00 am,  a lecture on “Self Portrait” in the “National Theatre Conferences”, informs Mediafax.
The conference will be held in the Small Hall of the National Theatre Bucharest (TNB). “I was born in Brasov, back when the city was called Stalin, and the exact date, in case you’re interested, is October 13, 1954. Of course, if you were talking 30 years ago with everyone I knew, including my mother, father, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt  Lica, uncle Mitica, my grand grandmother and her friends in the neighborhood, you wouldn’t  have guessed that I would become a known person, someone good to give interviews, appear on television (rarely, huh, but still!), to give the opinion  on everything. You have found instead that I am picky, that I eat their soul with absolutely inexplicable stubbornness, that only with pliers one can pull the words out of my mouth, and that only in the night I drop that fucking pencil from the hand with which I spoiled everything that could be spoiled in the house, and even the neighborhood … so good that 30 years ago no one was interested in me, huh? I know, you now want to know how it happened, what happens next, who helped me, how much it cost me, why like this, why not otherwise, even if I don’t have a phone or … If you like it, fine. If you do not like, it’s ok … I know? Try tomorrow, who knows … “, said Alexandru Andries. Born on October 13, 1954, Alexandru Andries has an extensive activity as blues musician / jazz / folk, architect, writer, poet, translator, painter and illustrator . With architectural studies, he made his debut solo in 1974, at “A Club”, performing for the first time on stage in 1979, at the Jazz & Rock Festival Brasov, with Bas-relief band. His first album, “Interiors” was released in 1984, followed by  other 48 albums . He released volumes “Looking for Mary” (1991), “(Happy Birthday Dylan)” (1991), “Home Alone” ( 1992), “Petal” (2009) and “Design and Architecture” (2009). He is a member of the Union of Architects, of the Writers Union , of Composers and Musicologists Union and of the Association of Journalists in Romania. An ambitious program launched back in 2006 by direction of the National Theatre Bucharest, “TNB Conferences” – followed by discussions with the audience – were supported by figures of Romanian culture, on different themes, and enjoys continued success among viewers.

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