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February 3, 2023

Iohannis: ‘Ponta is a danger for Romania and for the pro-western orientation’

The Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) candidate for Romania’s president told a press conference in Cluj on Thursday that Victor Ponta was a danger for Romania, for the country’s democracy and economy. ‘The other competitor, Victor Ponta, I allow myself to say here today, in front of you, that Mr candidate Victor Ponta is a danger for Romania. Mr Victor Ponta is a danger for our democracy. By the manner in which he understands to run his own party, by the manner in which he reacts to society’s problems and by the manner in which he wants to divert the nature of problems. Mr Victor Ponta is a danger for the Romanian economy. He promises money left and right, but is incapable of presenting a budget draft for 2015. These things, my dears, will lead to burdening the population. The economy will contract, and in 2015 the simple citizen will pay the bill for a showy campaign on Victor Ponta’s behalf,’ Klaus Iohannis mentioned.
He added that Victor Ponta was also a danger for the Euro-Atlantic orientation of the country and that, in case the Social Democratic Party candidate was elected, the fees and taxes would increase. ‘Mr Victor Ponta is a danger for the pro-western orientation, for the Euro-Atlantic orientation of Romania. By the way he does politics and leads the government and – Heaven forbid – he would lead the state, he pushes us further from the ideals that connect us to our partners in Europe and the US. If Victor Ponta is elected Romania’s president, in 2015 we should expect increases in fees and taxes, even the European Commission publicly warned Romania in this matter. There is the danger of having an approach that isn’t satisfactory in regards with the flat tax there is the danger of giving up the flat tax and coming back to the progressive taxation, which would be a huge error. There is, if Victor Ponta is elected president, the real danger of enslaving justice to the corrupt. There is the clear danger of waking up with all the corrupt pardoned,’ the ACL candidate completed.

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