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February 3, 2023

Macovei promises support for Iohannis, ACL president accepts

MEP Monica Macovei, one of the presidential candidates defeated in the first round, promises her support to runoff contender Klaus Iohannis, the candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance, facing incumbent PM Victor Ponta in the second round, with some ‘minimal conditions to safeguard the rule of law and the democracy in Romania.’ ‘I am waiting for an answer in a letter signed by Mr. Iohannis. Then I will vote for Mr. Iohannis. My voters do not want an unconditioned vote. My voters are a group free people and no one can tell them how to vote. If they’re happy with these principles and if Mr. Iohannis says ‘yes’, because I will send them to him, then they will vote; otherwise, no,’ Macovei said in a press conference on Wednesday. Former independent candidate Macovei sent a letter to Iohannis with 10 conditions for her support. Among other things, Macovei asks Iohannis not to sign the amnesty law; to call a referendum in 2015 to eliminate the MPs’, ministers’ and president’s immunity; to act firmly for the continuation and enhancement of the strategic partnership with the United States and for keeping Romania’s commitments to NATO; and to carry on the process of integration of Romania into the European Union.
Monica Macovei announced late on Wednesday that she would launch consultations for a new political construction.
“We are now nearly half a million and we will be even more, we want to double this figure in several months. It’s about the way we organize ourselves after the November 2 polls. We want to set up our action on the principles of integrity and the political programme we drew up before the first round of the  elections. That’s why we shall launch procedures, consultations for a new political construction. We aim to collect signatures for a new political party, for this reason, I shall tour the country in the upcoming period, to discuss with the residents of each region and county,” Monica Macovei told a press conference.
She also said that one of the first objectives of the new political construction is to initiate a citizen petition and ask the Parliament to vote the electronic voting law
ACL’s candidate for president, Klaus Johannis, said that the points contained in the letter addressed to him by Monica Macovei in exchange for support her support in the  runoff are included in his presidential program and that has no problem to pass this in a written document. Asked Thursday in Cluj-Napoca, in a press conference about his reply to the letter sent by Macovei, Iohannis said that the points in her document are the same things that he wants them “for Romania, for a just society “. “I took note with joy of Mrs. Macovei’s allegations  who said she  would  support me if I assumed a series of points. Very well, I am pleased to reaffirm that all these things are found in my presidential program and some were reaffirmed today, independence of judiciary, rule of law, the fact that I will not grace the corrupt who want amnesty and pardon and that I want the prevention of the adoption of the law. I think I gave a reasonable answer to Monica Macovei and I have no problem, I can reconfirm with great pleasure all these things and in a written document. So yes, they are the same things that I want and I for Romania, for a just society, “said Iohannis. Klaus Iohannis participated Thursday in Cluj-Napoca, in a meeting with ACL co-chairs from Transylvania and Banat to analyze the results of the first round and to devise campaign strategy for the second tour.

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