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January 27, 2023

Rock goddess enchanted Romanian public again

Back in Romania, Finish soloist Tarja Turunen managed to bring together again hundreds of Romanian fans, her voice resounding at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on Tuesday, 4 November. During her show part of “Colours in the dark”, organised by Phoenix Entertainment, the soprano perfectly combined, in her patented style, the toughness of rock with the suaveness of classical music and charmed again the entire audience, from children to elderly people. Her three octave voice was accompanied by the electric guitar, bass, drums, fingerboard, as well as a cello.
Keeping permanent contact with the audience, Tarja demonstrated that she was a goddess who loves to travel among the mortals and let everyone take pictures of her.
Veronica Vasilescu: Halfway through the concert, she did not refrain from taking a crowd bath, making her way through the rows of seats while she continued to sing, followed by the lights. Her effort was not only rewarded with ovations and love declarations, but also with lots of flowers. Almost after every superb song, the Finish artist would pick a bouquet of roses from the public from the fans who love her ever since she was the voice in the Nightwish band.
Tarja did not leave Romania before making the promise to be back soon.

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