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October 30, 2020

Macovei to take first steps on Monday to building a new political entity

MEP Monica Macovei on Friday told a press conference in Cluj-Napoca that she is going to take the first steps on Monday towards creating an association to be grounded on the principles outlined in her programme for the ongoing presidential campaign that he left after the first round. 

‘According to statistics, my voters were mostly young people between 18 and 35 years old with university degrees. This will be the foundation for the new political entity that we are going to build, to be functional, clean and centred around people that will have their chance to directly participate in the decision-making process. Without the system to support us, without money, without barons helping, we managed to get good scores in the big cities, which are usually controlled by politicians with old, bad habits, and this is the clear proof that it is possible, we can do it. (…) We are going to build a new political entity around the principles and values that we promoted during this year’s campaign: justice, freedom, capitalism, entrepreneurship and laws that are equal to everyone.


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