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February 1, 2023

Tariceanu warns “the main danger after elections is seeing Basescu’s regime perpetuated through Iohannis”

Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) Chairman, told a press conference in Oradea on Friday that the main danger after the elections was that of seeing Basescu’s regime perpetuated or revived in a different shape, through the person of Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) representative Klaus Iohannis. 

‘I believe that in the current context the main danger is that of seeing Basescu’s regime perpetuated or revived in a different shape through the person on Mr Klaus Iohannis, who, with an unacceptable relaxation immediately adopted Traian Basescu’s style of doing politics and Basescu’s political ideas,’ Tariceanu said as quoted by Agerpres.

He set as example the fact that Iohannis said that after the elections he would change the government and appoint another prime minister, whereas the constitutional capacities do not allow such thing.

The PLR leader pointed out that, for this reason, the idea of restoring the Social Liberal Union (USL) was a very important one, the message he wanted to send very clearly to the Romanian voters being that this very successful political formula in 2012, when USL won the elections with a crushing score of 70 per cent, namely 87 per cent in the referendum for the dismissal of President Basescu, could provide ‘a certain comfort to those who fear the monopoly of power.’

Tariceanu referred, in context, to the ‘ill-fated experience’ lived in the period 2010-2012, with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), which, holding power on its own, took the monopoly of all the power levers, with ‘disastrous’ decisions in the economic and social areas, but also ‘to the spreading of corruption, nepotism, to the manner in which they placed their politic clientele everywhere and favoured it with public money.’

‘I have a good memory. Even if these things seem to be forgotten now, from an outstanding ability of the PDL, which took cover under the PNL sign and cleared its entire recent past. Therfore, I believe it is very healthy for the political scene not to let one single party take the monopoly of all institutions and power levers. What we should do next is to restore the USL as a generic name, in which there will be a balance between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the PLR and the other forces, so that there is no risk of inherent slippages when one single party has the monopoly of power,’ the PLR leader also said.


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