New homage to Rameau at the Old Music Festival

The music by Jean-Philippe Rameau may be enjoyed for the second time during the Old Music Festival, during the concert “Rameau – 250”, performed by clavichord player Raluca Enea on November 13, at the Anglican Church, starting at 7:00 PM.

The clavichord, “the instrument of the aristocrats” will be included in an impressive program selected from the composer’s creations for this instrument. The repertoire of the show mostly includes selections from the collection “Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts” (1724)  and from the opera “Les Indes Galantes” (1735-1736), “Pieces de clavessin avec une methode pour la mechanique des doigts” (1724) and “Nouvelles Suites de Pièces de clavecin avec des remarques sur les différents genres de musique” (1728).


Voice, theorbo and guitar recital performed by Marco Horvat


The next performance, “Par mes Chants”, held by French performer and instrument player Marco Horvat, is a recital featuring voice, theorbo and baroque guitar, due to be held at the Cotroceni National Museum on November 19, starting at 7:00 PM.

Fascinated by the freedom of singing without being conditioned by adapting to other musicians, Marco Horvat is a complex artist, specialized in the field of medieval and Renaissance music, in a perfect communion between the role of soloist and that of accompanying artist.

Marco Horvat performed both as a soloist and as an instrument player in almost all countries of Europe, India and Latin America. And, indeed, he is one of the few contemporary old music artists who overtook the role of the singer with a lute, as he was known a few hundreds of years ago.


Spanish renaissance music concert


The Cinco Siglos ensemble and soprano Delia Agundez (Spain) will close this year’s edition of the Bucharest Old Music Festival with the concert “Musicas Para la Camara de Isabel de Castilla”, in the evening of November 21, at the Bragadiru Palace, starting at 7:00 PM.

Cancionero de Palacio is the only written document of those times of Spanish Renaissance, filled with noisy minstrels and austere priests officiating the liturgies of the Royal Chapel. Inspired by  Cancionero de Palacio, Cincos Siglos recreate in their performance the intimate atmosphere of chamber music with harps, lutes and pipes, as it was during the reign of Spain’s Catholic Kings.

The members of the Cinco Siglos ensemble devoted themselves since 1990 to studying anf performing lesser-known repertoires of old music. The repertoire of Cinco Siglos is based on medieval music, with impressive works from numerous concerts, audio recordings, articles and musicology works.

Bucharest Old Music Festival 2014 started on October 30, at the Cotroceni Palace, with a royal performance celebrating the musician of King Kouis XIV of France, Jean Philippe Rameau.The exceptional concert-show “Rameau – Le Musicien du Roi”, sponsored by ARCUB as part of the program “Bucharest – 555” marked the debut of th ninth edition of the Bucharest Old Music Festival, as it was organized in a year that commemorates 250 years since the death of the favourite musician of the Royal Court in Versailles.The Bucharest Old Music Festival, organized by the Antiqva Association, enjoys great attention from behalf of the public and is placed the third in the chart of the “most attended festivals in Bucharest”. The information is included in the preliminary results of the “Barometer of Cultural Consumption for 2014”, results published at the National Conference of Cultural Managers (Bucharest, November 2, 2014). The barometer is issued annually by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Formation. It is nationally representative for the population over 18 and it has a margin of error of +/- 2.8 per cent.


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