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February 4, 2023

Tismaneanu on Emil Constantinescu’s support granted to Victor Ponta: “A disappoinment”

Professor Vladimir Tismaneanu, considered one of the members of Traian Basescu’s group of intellectuals, blames former president Emil Constantinescu who praised Victor Ponta for granting support for persons oppressed by the Communist regime, DCNews reports.

The political scientist draws  a parallel between Emil Constantinescu and Mircea Cartarescu, who announced their political options for the second round of the presidential elections on the same day. The first declared his appreciation for Victor Ponta and the second asked everyone who believed in him to vote for Klaus Iohannis.

Vladimir Tismaneanu praises Cartarescu and describes Emil Constantinescu as a terrible disappointment. “As a president, he did nothing to clear the country from Communism. During Traian Basescu’s presidency, the man became increasingly bitter and aggressive”, professor Tismaneanu writes on contributors.ro.

The political scientist also writes that Emil Constantinescu became, just like his disciple Mugur Ciuvica, a client of Voiculescu’s Antena TV stations, and diagnoses the former head of the state as “suffering of acute grudge and resentful blindness”.

“He gave himself permission to name the brilliant intellectuals of this country, such as Andrei Plesu, Gabriel Liiceanu, H.-R. Patapievici, Mircea Cartarescu, Mircea Mihaies “slave souls”. He supported the aborted putsch of July 2012 with all his might. In a long letter, he glorified Che Guevara-wannabe Ponta for allegedly supporting the cause of Anticommunist fighters. Does he think we are all brainwashed? The only thing left for him to say is that Iliescu was the true hero of the Revolution in December 1989. A desolating case of rhinocerization” (a hint to a play by Eugene Ionesco, editor’s note.)

So, here they are, before the second round: Mircea Cartarescu publicly announces his support to Klaus Iohannis, after having supported Monica Macovei in round I. Emil Constantinescu supports “anticommunist” Victor Ponta. I have nothing more to add or comment. The situation speaks for itself. Perhaps, there is one more question: who will professor Zoe Petre vote for”, Vladimir Tismaneanu concludes.

In his letter to Ponta, published by the “22” Magazine, former president Emil Constantinescu mentioned a series of reasons why he was supporting Victor Ponta. The letter refers, among other things, to the “approval granted to the draft law that stipulates the doubling of the allowance for persons oppressed by the communist regime due to political causes”. Also, Constantinescu praises Victor Ponta for his attendance to the “University Square phenomenon”.

“You, Mr. Prime-Minister, mentioned several times that you have been a very young active attendant, in 1990, to the University Square phenomenon. The hopes we made then regarding Romania’s progress by means of truth and justice can now be fulfilled by the generation of young people, if they will have the power to detach themselves of everything that was ugly and humiliating in the post-Communist transition.

It would be the most significant answer to the suffering of people who fought for a dignified Romania, when they had no hope that this thing could happen during their lifetime. Especially that this answer could materialize while some of them are still among us”, Constantinescu writes in his letter to Ponta, published on the website revista22.

By his appreciations dedicated to Ponta, Romania’s former president subtly hints at Traian Basescu: “All of these are facts and not more or less hypocritical declarations condemning Communism”.

In 1996, Emil Constantinescu was elected president due to his anticommunist message. His main political rival was Ion Iliescu.



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