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January 27, 2023

Electrica SA to hike branches’ registered capital by RON 25.4 M

Several days after it was included in the MSCI Frontier Markets index, state-owned Electrica SA wants to hike the registered capital of its branches through an in-kind contribution of capital which consists of several plots of land with a total value of RON 25.4 M (EUR 5.7 M).
The proposals to hike the registered capital of Electrica Distributie Nord, Electrica Distributie Transilvania Sud, Electrica Distributie Muntenia Nord, Electrica Funrizare and Electrica Serv branches will be subjected to the approval of the General Shareholders’ Assembly convened on December 18.
The in-kind capital contribution consists of 31 plots of land owned by Electrica SA branches.
The capital hike will be made through the issuing of shares with a nominal value of RON 10 per unit, shares that will go to each branch.Electrica Distributie Transilvania Sud’s capital will be hiked the most, namely by RON 19.39 M.
The state is Electrica SA’s biggest shareholder, through the Economy Ministry, the latter owning 48.78 per cent of the company’s shares. Several companies own 31.38 per cent of the shares, while several physical persons own 9.66 per cent of the shares.

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