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January 26, 2023

Universities suspend classes on 14 and 17 Nov. so that students can vote in home localities

The Ministry of National Education (MEN) proposes that universities should suspend classes on 14 and 17 November so that the students can go and vote in their home localities, reads a release sent to Mediafax news agency.  The MEN proposal, taking the form of a draft government decision, will be discussed by the Cabinet during its Tuesday meeting.
The draft government decision stipulates the suspension of classes in higher education establishments on Friday, 14 November and Monday, 17 November. ‘The MEN decision is intended to help students and university staff who have their home address in a different locality than the one where they carry out their academic activity. MEN notes that universities, based on academic autonomy, should decide when the suspended classes will be recovered’, the release explains.
Timisoara mayor onstudents’ free days: “It’s shameful. It shows Ponta’s desperation”
Timisoara Mayor Nicolae Robu, who is also a university professor, believes the Government’s intention to suspend the activity of universities on 14 and 17 November indicates ‘Victor Ponta’s desperation about the possibility of losing the election’ and represents ‘the reediting of one of Ceausescu’s measures’. Nicolae Robu, President of PNL Timis, states in a press release issued on Tuesday, also posted on Facebook, that the Government’s intention to give students free days on the occasion of the presidential election ‘shows Victor Ponta and PSD’s desperation about the possibility of a defeat in the presidential election’, Mediafax correspondent reports.  ‘The Government’s intention to send students home on Thursday is a new defiance to the Romanian society, especially to the young people, to students, who, after many years of unfortunate fatigue induced by occult forces, has just started to show that they care. In students, it shows Victor Ponta and PSD’s desperation about the possibility of losing the presidential election and, by that, as a natural consequence, all the power they have’, Robu points out.
The mayor of Timisoara also says ‘it is shameful and also sad that, 25 years after the Revolution of December 1989, we are witness to the reediting of one of the measures Ceausescu and his regime made then’.
Robu, who is also a professor at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, expressed his hope that the students would ‘reject the poisoned offer of free days’.

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