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January 27, 2023

Deadlock on reaching compromise between ACL and PSD on TV debates was exceeded: A Ponta-Iohannis debate every night…

While until two days before, a debate on TV between the two presidential contenders  seemed almost impossible because the two campaign staffs failed to reach any agreement on the issue, now it would be too much: we’ll have evening, and debate….


After the first televised electoral confrontation between the two candidates who entered the presidential runoff, Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis, in the show hosted on Tuesday evening by Realitatea TV, Wednesday evening the two presidential opponents were expected to meet again face to face in front of the cameras, this time in the plateaus of B1TV private broadcaster.

“Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis will participate on Wednesday in the debate organized by the B1 TV channel with his opponent Victor Ponta”, ACL Prime Vice Chairman Ludovic Orban announced.
“There was no such decision – as Romania TV and Antena 3 claimed, and were then cited by other media channels – for Mr. Iohannis not to participate in other shows. It’s exactly the opposite, Klaus Iohannis will participate this evening in the debate organized by the B1 TV channel,” Orban told a press conference.

He added that ACL would try to negotiate the format of the debate with the organizers.

A majority 55 percent of the voters of Liberal presidential contender Klaus Iohannis say Social Democrat Prime Minister Victor Ponta won the one-on-one electoral debate organised by Realitatea TV news channel Tuesday evening, according to a CSCI survey made public on Wednesday. Furthermore, 65 percent of those having declaring themselves undecided as to who they would vote for see Ponta as the winner of the debate.
The survey shows 70 percent of the Romanians see Ponta as the winner of the Tuesday’s debate.

Several reactions of politicians after the Tuesday’s debate: Corneliu Dobritoiu, Liberal senator: “Mr. Iohannis is definitely not the best communicator on the planet, but he certainly is a good manager and a man of practical action. It is good that this debate took place and I am convinced that there will be more debates like this. Much better prepared. ”

PSD Vice President and also Victor Ponta’s campaign chief, Liviu Dragnea, said he found out about the debate just one hour before the two candidates to enter the plateau. “We witnessed a debate between Ponta and moderators. Mr. Iohannis didn’t matter. He was there, but seemed a tormented man, forced to run, unprepared, while Ponta seemed an applied man”. Senate Speaker Calin Popescu -Tariceanu believes that the debate involving the two candidates was unbalanced. In his turn, Rares Bogdan, moderator of the Tuesday’s evening electoral show hosted by Realitatea TV said: “It was in Iohannis interest to stay longer in the show, his and his viewers’ interest, not in my interest. Instead,he was arguing with me about.. ‘exceeding the two minutes’ matter. He should have stayed there and fight his opponent, instead of looking all the time at the clock”.




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