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August 10, 2022

Escu’s announced death

Escu is dying. There is no doubt about it. There is no way back. These days are among his last, in a sweet and resigned agony that transcends unrest, suffering and illusions. Things are obvious and even the precise day of his passing is known: December 21.

Once famous, Escu is now burning out fast, like a weak flame in the blowing of an increasingly forceful wind. It is the wind of inevitable change. Others are hurrying to take his place, as if he had never been there. But he existed.

Escu was born in 1967, in a cold December day, on the 9th. He did not choose the date; it just happened. A favourable situation appeared, and he took advantage of it; he opened his eyes wide, he spread his arms to the sky and yelled: „I want to be strong!”

His youth lasted long. Unusually long. There were 22 years of indulgence, of reckless gestures, of opressing others, of inconsciousness. He was cruel to his fellow human beings and his awakening was brutal. But it had to be so. It occurred almost overnight, it was terrifying, irremediable and deeply shattered his entire life.

Afterwards, it was the time of discoveries, of being reborn in a completely different form. It lasted seven years but, all this time, Escu was not really convinced that he wanted a life where freedom would play the lead role. He was frequently seen looking back, nostalgic and undecided.

Afterwards, for four years, Escu changed radically. He became more austere. He started to travel often, to see nice people, he broadened his horizon and learned a lot. It was good for him and, yet, nobody knows why, he fell again for four years, overwhelmed with nostalgia. He resigned to turn back to a time he avoids in conversations now. He is ashamed and feels guilty about it.

Then, in 2004, he made a huge effort, like a Phoenix bird, and in 2004, he rose from the ashes he had delved into. He felt that the moment had come for a radical change, he lifted his head and condemned the past. He struggled to create a new present and watched confidently towards the future. Yet, he started showing a fondness for scandal, that started amusing him more and more, he started making scenes, uncontrolled outrages, isterical laughter, unadvisable gestures and exhibiting a harsh humour that was initially enjoyed by people around him, who loved him and thought he would be the change they needed.

Yet, everything had a price. His attitude brought him plenty of enemies, who stabbed him in 2007 and left him to wriggle between life and death. While in coma, Escu started babbling. He thought his name was Oiu, everything was reeling around him in his mad world.

Yet, he was strong and recovered fast, after only a month, more determined than ever before. He decided to seek revenge and laughed in the face of people who wanted to destroy him. He held control upon a troubled sea.

Yet, in 2012, he attempted another change. For almost two months, he wanted to be somebody else, to see what people actually wanted from him, he experimented with altruism and failed. He did not like what he saw, so he returned to what he knew he could be. Yet, people had stopped loving him.

By the end of his life, Escu became increasingly alone. People started attacking him, verbally insulting him, hating him and ridiculing him. Yet, their criticism only managed to surprise him. Now, when everybody is cursing him, Escu is laughing. What a stupid person! Perhaps the fact that his end is near made him completely crazy.

After 47 years, Escu is dying. Some people claim it is too early, that he is still too young and he has many more things to show. Other people feel relieved and say it was time for him to leave.

Yet, Escu’s place will not stay unfulfilled. Just like anything in this world, his presence will be easily replaced. He will be followed either by Onta, either by Annis. Will any of them have the same long, tumultuous and unpredictable life? We will live and see. Yet, one thing is for sure: Escu’s time is over. There is the time for change.


Note: once Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu started to rule the country in 1967, Romania was led by presidents whose family name ended in „Escu”. After Ceausescu’s fall, during the Revolution of 1989, he was followed by Ion Iliescu, Emil Constantinescu in 1996, Ion Iliescu again in 2000 and Traian Basescu, since 2004.

The latter’s terms were interrupted shortly by interims Nicolae Vacaroiu, in 2007, and Crin Antonescu, in 2012. Now, the candidates left in the race for the presidential elections are Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis.


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