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May 9, 2021

Iohannis: “I have a very broad support from Angela Merkel, she even sent me a letter”

ACL candidate in the presidential election Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that he had ‘a very broad support’ from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, noting that he had even received a support letter from her on 28 October, which he had chosen not to make public, reports Mediafax.

Iohannis said on Adevarul Live that there had been no plan for Angela Merkel to travel to Romania and denied the rumour that she had cancelled her visit.

‘It was most likely some journalist’s wish to come up with a sensational story. We did not believe we should make a splash in that area’, he said.

Asked if he was, nonetheless, endorsed by the German chancellor, Iohannis said: ‘She definitely endorses me, she has even written me on that, expressing her support’.

Klaus Iohannis presented a letter from the Chancellor of Germany, dated 28 October, and explained that he had not wanted ‘to make a splash with endorsement letters and with the support of outstanding politicians’.

‘To me it was a joy to have received the letter. She supports and endorses me. I have a very broad support from Mrs. Merkel’, Iohannis further said.

Asked how he commented the claims that he benefited from the same support from the German chancellor as Victor Ponta, Klaus Iohannis answered: ‘That would be curious. Let’s be serious, both Mrs. Merkel and I are heads of EPP parties and in EPP we support each other in elections. And, as far as this particular relationship is concerned, I can tell you there is a special touch, as we k\have known each other personally and not since recently, because of the election campaign, but since many years ago’. Klaus Iohannis said he knew who mediated Victor Ponta’s reception by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

‘I know who mediated the visit, he should not brag about it, because he has absolutely no contribution to that. It’s good that he was there, that they talked. I also know what they talked about’, Iohannis said. Asked how he knew what Victor Ponta and Angela Merkel had talked about, Iohannis said: ‘Very simple, because a politician who is very close to me was present’. Asked if it was a German politician, Klaus Iohannis answered: ‘It doesn’t matter’.


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