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October 22, 2021

FM Melescanu on voting process in Paris: “Irreproachable thanks to the new measures”

Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said Sunday in Paris that voting in Paris in Romania’s presidential runoff election went on irreproachably thanks to the measures taken by the Foreign Ministry (MAE) to increase fluidity of voting, reports Agerpres.

‘We have called on all the Romanian citizens who want to cast ballots to show up at the polling stations as early as possible and they have heeded our call. There is a significant number of voters waiting in line and the voting is going on excellently. I have seen also on the social media appreciations at the vote fluidity measures working out exemplarily and also at the legal provisions being preserved for the best running of the runoff election. Voting is irreproachable thanks to the new measures,’ Melescanu told journalists.

In his opinion, nearly 10,000 Romanians should vote in Paris thanks to the organisational measures taken by MAE after the first round of the presidential election.

‘By our reckonings, all voters who turn out could vote thanks to the new organisation and new measures. Given that in 2009 3,800 voters cast ballots at one polling station using five vote stamps, today, thanks to the organisational measures — two polling stations, 14 stamps and full boards — we should reach 10,000 voters without any hiccup,’ said Melescanu.

He added that a very serious operation has been conducted over the past two days to man the boards of the polling stations abroad.

‘All political parties without exception, even those that no longer have a candidate in the race, have displayed goodwill and their wish to help us in the process,’ said Melescanu.



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