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February 3, 2023

Ponta, Tariceanu signed document forming USL 2.0 on Friday

The last campaign blow prepared by Victor Ponta’s staff was the Friday event at the Parliament Palace, when the Presidential candidate of the PSD – PC – UNPR Alliance signed, beside Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Daniel Constantin and Gabriel Oprea a document announcing the remake of USL. The new alliance is named USL 2.0, yet, the document has no legal force, as Tariceanu’s party, PLR, is still unregistered at the Registry of Political Parties.
The stage of the Parliament, in the hall where the document founding USL was signed previously, was entered by Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Daniel Constantin and Gabriel Oprea.
At the beginning of the event, the attendants sang the national hymn “De?teapt?-te române”, skipping the lyric that referred to the name Traian.
The first speaker was Liviu Dragnea, who presented a message for the oppressed of the Basescu regime, for people “whose wages were cut”, “who had a business or who lost their job” as well as for those who voted USL in 2012.
“USL has stopped for a while, but all its objectives were continued by the Ponta government. I am sorry that Crin Antonescu is not by our side today”, Dragnea said.
After Liviu Dragnea, the next speaker was Calin Popescu Tariceanu. His speech was centered on attacks targeting president Traian Basescu.
“We have a candidate that is more than favoured to become Romania’s president. We decided to remake USL as, from the very beginning, the project was based on a few essential similarities”, Tariceanu declared, applauded by the attendants.
Tariceanu outlined that, after long years of fights and struggles, “we must open a new chapter, a united Romania”.
On Thursday, before this celebratory moment, Tariceanu had declared: “It is obvious that the union cannot be identical to what it was, yet, its principles of political action will remain the same, and I think that a political organization like this is useful, as it is based on the most important ideological movements: social-democracy and liberalism. The legal coating may be created afterwards.”
Daniel Constantin, president of the Conservative Party and Vice-Premier in the Ponta Government, also started his speech by referring to the Basescu regime.
“From Monday on, Victor Ponta will be Romania’s President”, Daniel Constantin declared, closing his speech with the message “USL is alive!”.
“Today, it is the day national interest wins over political interests” were the first words by UNPR president, Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea. The speaker wished to point out to all listeners that “Romania needs Victor Ponta as a President”.
The document was signed from behalf of PSD by Liviu Dragnea, executive president of the party. Victor Ponta stood behind the four signers: Daniel Constantin, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Liviu Dragnea and Gabriel Oprea.
“My friends, it is 6:30 PM, and, as you are used to, at 6:30 PM, Romania’s president will speak”, Liviu Dragnea announced.
The PSD presidential candidate started his speech, applauded by the attendants. He began by pointing out that he will be a different president compared to Traian Basescu and that he will not support a woman in the electoral campaign. This was a hint to Elena Udrea.
“There are two days left and we will keep our promises. This regime will stop with Romanians’ votes on Sunday, November 16”, said Ponta. Just like Liviu Dragnea, the PSD presidential candidate hinted at the “PDL mafia that intends to steal the election”.
Ponta also spoke about those who will be held responsible, after November 16, for the Goc government.
“I believe in God, in Romania, I love my family and I trust Romanians” were the last words by Victor Ponta, after the signing the agreement regarding the forming of USL 2.0.
Antonescu: “The idea of remaking USL is a mystification
Former USL co-president Crin Antonescu harshly criticised this action taken by Victor Ponta, whom he accused of not having the courage to assume his presidential candidacy by himself and outlining that the new alliance has nothing in common with the former USL.
“The idea of remaking USL is a mystification Victor Ponta tries to impose, after being changed by the party he leads into the perfect PSD sample, with an identity they are trying to conceal”, Antonescu declared according to Mediafax.
The union was ended in February, after PNL decided to quit the Government. Afterwards, Liberals demanded Courts to establish the ceasing of USL, but no decision exists yet.
Iohannis: Tariceanu is sort of a political APP; USL cannot be remade
ACL leader Klaus Iohannis declared on Friday that USL cannot be remade and that it is “quite hilarious” that a big party like PSD wants to make an alliance with Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who is “sort of a political APP (authorized physical person, editor’s note)”. Asked whether USL remake is legally possible, Klaus Iohannis declared that “USL had died”.
“It is impossible and – perhaps you noticed that you made me laugh – it is another story reheated by Mr. Ponta. USL belongs to the past, it died, it ceased to exist. Once we left USL, there is no longer an USL”, the ACL presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis declared for the radio station RFI.
The ACL leader pointed out that the remake of USL with Tariceanu is “a fairy tale”, as Tariceanu is “merely a political authorized physical person”. “Let me explain that story claiming that Mr. Ponta would remake USL with Mr. Tariceanu. Tariceanu is sort of a political APP, a political authorized physical person. That political party of Mr. Tariceanu does not exist; therefore, Mr. Ponta may remake anything he wants with the person or the politician Tariceanu. He has nothing else in his hands and I think that it is quite hilarious that a big party, such as PSD, makes an alliance with a political authorized physical person”, Iohannis mentioned.
He also said that this idea “targets a certain group of voters that nostalgically remembers the times USL existed”.
Asked whether he was surprised by the fact that Antonescu broke the silence and declared himself that the remake of USL was a mystification, Iohannis replied that “it is great he expressed his opinion at least on this matter”.
Asked to comment on Crin Antonescu’s statement that “this was the weakest electoral campaign”, Klaus Iohannis declared that, if the campaign was weak, the former PNL leader missed the opportunity to turn it into a better one. Afterwards asked whether Antonescu’s fit of anger was any help to him, Iohannis replied: “No, as usually”.

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