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November 30, 2022

President Basescu visited his grandson at the maternity: He is fine and I like the name Radu

President Traian Basescu and his wife Maria visited their grandson at the “Filantropia” Maternity on Saturday. A day before, his oldest daughter Ioana had given birth to a boy.
The president was extremely cheerful and told journalists that his grandson was feeling fine.
“He ate at 12.00, at midnight, then in the morning, at 6:00 AM and now he is in his mother’s arms again, having his lunch”, the head of the state declared, showing journalists a few photos made with his cell phone and adding that he will not post them on Facebook.
“Here he is. He is eating, he is having his lunch”, Basescu said, showing the pictures of his grandson.
Traian Basescu mentioned that he did not visit the maternity on Friday because his grandson had been at a different department.  “His name is Radu Basescu Pricop. Radu is a beautiful name, I will love to call him”, the president declared, mentioning that the little boy was a Scorpio, just like him.  “Anyone who says that Basescu is a politician is wrong. This is Basescu!” the head of the state said, referring to his grandson.
Traian Basescu also mentioned that he would be involved in the education of his grandchildren like “a busy person” and that “the weight would lie on” Maria, his wife, as she raised his children, too, while he was away, on the sea.
On her turn, Maria Basescu declared that she would handle three grandchildren after caring for two children of her own.
Asked whether his daughter Ioana would request a mobile voting ballot to cast her vote on Sunday, in round 2 of the presidential elections, Traian Basescu said: “I do not know, I did not ask her, but Ioana has an outstanding civic spirit and I am sure she would vote”.
Ioana Basescu, president Traian Basescu’s oldest daughter, gave birth to a little boy on Friday morning.
“Today, at about 7:50, the first Basescu was born. He is healthy, he weighs 3.4 kilograms and he is yelling”, the President announced on Friday morning, on his Facebook page.

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