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June 29, 2022

The launch of the Mircea Cantacuzino Aviation School Album, a journey in history

On Tuesday, November 11, the heirs of Romania’s historical families were invited to celebrate the launch of the Mircea Cantacuzino Aviation School Album, an event that reunited past, present and future under the same roof.
The Mircea and Dan Cantacuzino Memorial Foundation intended to present in premiere, in a unified manner, including data from personal and national archives, the history of the Mircea Cantacuzino Aviation School, since its beginnings in 1928, when the first grasshopper was purchased, and until its closing as World War II started.  Oliver Olabinri, founding member, explained during the event that “the idea of this album appeared out of the wish, the right and the responsibility to relive the sensations we had witnessing a rich cultural history, numbed in many people’s memory, in albums including personal photographs as well as in Romania’s National Archives”.
The album presents the vision and devotion of some people for touristic aviation that led to one of the most effervescent periods in Romania’s civil aviation history, focusing on the beloved initiative by brothers Mircea and Ioana Cantacuzino, who had founded the school.
The album includes the story of the young pilots, their outstanding results, national and international records achieved by the students of the school, archive documents, photographs, articles and maps. It thus reveals a beautiful and effervescent Romania of educated people, ruling families, peasants, aristocrats, civil servants and workers, all of them actively involved in the life of the community.  The mission of Foundation members is to support and encourage people who initiate and develop Romanian cultural projects and to remind all of us that we have an inheritance to pass over to generations to come.

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