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February 4, 2023

Tight score in the exit polls: some say Ponta is the winner, others say Iohannis

Romanians living in the country, but also from the Diaspora, have left their homes in a massive number on Sunday and headed to the polling stations to elect their new President for the next 5 years. The massive voter turnout, higher than in the first round two weeks ago was generated by the repeated calls of politicians, but also by the dispute over the Diaspora’s voting that created irritation.

Voter turnout nationwide in Sunday’s presidential runoff election as of 19:00hrs, EET, was 58.66 percent, according to data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

About two hours before the close of the polling stations, president Traian Basescu asked the Government to meet right away to pass an emergency ordinance to extend the voting hours until 00:00, arguing that he got aware of certain bumps to a smooth voting process for the entire Romanian Diaspora.

Exit polls presented at 21:00 hrs showed a very tight score between the two competitors. While sociologic estimations by Sociopol (Antena3 TV)  and CSCI  (Romania TV) showed  that Victor Ponta is the winner of the runoff election with 50,9 %, and 50,72%, an exit poll conducted by Avangarde-CURS, presented by the National Television (TVR) said Klaus Iohannis has won with 51,5%, while a poll by IRES shows  Klaus Iohannis 50,9%, Victor Ponta – 49,10%.

The score so tight  has determined cautious statements made at the campaign headquarters of PSD and ACL. Klaus Iohannis thanked all Romanians and had a special message for the Diaspora, but said he will be nervous until the Court will give the final verdict. “You were heroes, the vote went phenomenally”, said Iohannis. While Victor Ponta avoided any reaction, PSD’s vice-president, Liviu Dragnes, made an appeal to the party’s representatives in the polling stations to stay focused on votes counting, having in made the very tight score. Final results from polling stations already closed abroad have continued to show that Klaus Iohannis was a detached winner. Stiripesurse.ro informed that votes counting in 15 polling stations from Asia (New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan and Republic of Korea) indicated that Iohannis defeated  Ponta with 1614 votes versus 132.



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