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January 26, 2023

Although ranked with the second chance, Klaus Iohannis wins the presidential runoff with a spectacular reversal of percentage

What was almost a certainty since Sunday evening, although certain exit polls still were giving a timid chance to  Victor Ponta, it was confirmed even before midnight. Klaus Iohannis has won presidential elections, imposing himself in front of his opponent and scoring a spectacular reversal caused by the massive voter turnout. Over 62% of Romanians went to the ballot Sunday to elect the new president, being the highest percentage of participation in the polls after the 1996 elections. Also in Diaspora voted a record number of people, more than 380,000 who have aligned in queues in front of the polling stations even during the night prior of the ballot day just to ensure they will exercise their democratic right. According to the latest figures announced Monday by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) after counting and  centralizing reports from18,673 polling stations , meaning 99.07  percent of the total number Klaus Iohannis has won the elections with 54.5 percent, producing a spectacular reversal of the scores in the surveys, that before voting ranked  Ponta as favorite with 54-55%, and Iohannis as a second chance player with only 44-46%.

‘My dear Romanians, you were heroes today. The vote unfolded phenomenally. A huge presence at the polls today. Thank you all for coming and voting for the President of Romania. A very special thought and respect to all those who voted in the diaspora, although in many places it required waiting for many hours before managing to cast their votes,’ Iohannis said after seeing the results of the exit polls. He called the day a ‘special’ one.

‘Now, 25 years after the Romanian Revolution, people got out of their homes to fight for their right to vote. Today’s stake was the right to vote. It’s incredible,’ Iohannis added.

The candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), Klaus Iohannis, said that the result gained in the presidential elections is very good, but also stated that he will be nervous until the moment the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) will issue the final verdict.

“I am still nervous, yes, and I will be nervous until the CCR issues the final verdict, for this reason I asked those in the polling stations to be very careful counting, very careful reporting, the elections are over at the moment the CCR validates them”, said Iohannis.

He added that “the result in this evening is very good”.

The ACL candidate said that he does not fear the result of the elections will change.

“The way in which the elections in the diaspora were organized confirms to me that there is a need for a change in the legislation of the domain, the sooner the better. There is a need for the vote by correspondence and there is a need for electronic voting to eliminate all suspicions and give all Romanians the possibility to vote”, said Klaus Iohannis.

Incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the presidential candidate of the Social Democrat Party – National Union for Romania’s Progress – Conservative Party acknowledged the victory of Klaus Iohannis of the Christian Liberal Alliance in the presidential runoff election on Sunday. He thanked Romanians for voting and said the people was always right.

‘I want to thank all Romanians who came and voted this evening. I want to say the people is always right. I called Mr. Iohannis and congratulated him on his victory. I and all my colleagues, as long as we hold public offices, will do our duty towards the country. Otherwise, I said it, the people is always right, and it’s normal this way, and I only wish one thing – that we understand we are a democratic country. Just as I accept my result, I hope those who want to protest and have nothing to protest about accept it,’ Ponta declared on Sunday night.







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