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January 27, 2023

Aurescu: U.S. ballistic missile defense system set up in Romania, operational in 2015

The US ballistic missile defense system set up in Romania will become operational in 2015, with no delays, due to the tight cooperation and coordination between Romania and the United States, State Secretary Bogdan Aurescu told, addressing  the “2014 Multinational Ballistic Missile Defence Conference and Exhibition” .In his speech Aurescu reviewed the progress made since the entry into force of the Romanian-US Agreement on setting up the US missile defense system in Romania. In his opinion, it is an important strategic project that will help develop NATO’s capacity as regards missile defense. In this context, Aurescu has evoked the Government’s efforts aimed at “ensuring an attractive and predictable business environment for foreign companies, including the American ones” as well as the decision to allocate 2 percent of GDP to defence expenditures by 2017. “Romania’s decision in 2010 to host elements of the Adaptive Approach in Stages, of the US on missile defense in Europe … reflects Romania’s firm desire to help increase the security of the Allies and our partners in Europe,” Aurescu said.
The Romanian dignitary also talked about the investments in collective defense as “an effective way to strengthen the North Atlantic Alliance in the long term.” He has expressed confidence in the ability of the defense industry and business communities in the US and Europe, but also from other partner countries in the project, to build the equipment necessary for constructing modern defence capabilities against ballistic missiles.
Bogdan Aurescu on Monday attended the opening of the international event “2014 Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense Conference and Exhibition”, organized by the US Agency for Ballistic Missile Defense and hosted by Romania in Bucharest. Hosting the Conference is part of Foreign Affairs Ministry activities aimed to mark 10 years since Romania’s accession to NATO.


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