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February 7, 2023

French artist Marco Horvat in a new Early music concert in Bucharest on Wednesday

After a Royal harpsichord concert signed Jean Philippe Rameau, the musician of Roy Soleil, the ninth edition of the Bucharest Early Music Festival goes on with the Early music concert “Par mes Chants”, performed by the French artist Marco Horvat. This means a refined combination between the human voice, theorbo and Baroque guitar taking place at the National Museum Cotroceni, on Wednesday, the 19th of November, beginning with 7.00 p.m.


Voice, theorbo and Baroque guitar in a great performance, as it was hundred years ago

Bucharest Early Music Festival, offers to the public the „usual originality dose” by organising for the first time a voice, solo theorbo and Baroque guitar concert, performed by the French Marco Horvat.

Hundred years ago, the artists performed by mixing the sound of plucked strings with the inflections of the voice, delicately supporting the voice with a chord, with a note, or to the contrary, giving to the singer a rhythmic energy that he wouldn’t find alone. Whether it was the ancient lyre, the harp of the trouvères and the troubadours, the lute of Ronsard’s contemporaries or the theorbo of Caccini and of Lambert, the principle has always been the same: to create a space where the voice is free, where the words are sung out and clearly heard, and the poetry reaches and touches the listener.

“Charmed about the freedom of singing without being constrained to accomodate himself with other musicians, Marco Horvat presents the total artist, specialised in Medieval and Renaissance music, in a perfect relation between the soloist and accompanist, “reads a press release from the organizers.

Marco Horvat – a complex and original artist

Marco Horvat performed as vocalist and instrument player in almost all the European countries, India and Latin America. Marco Horvat is one of the rare contemporary performers to have taken up the torch of the traditional lute singer.

One of the artist’s musical innovations, Horvat’s “Song Book,” offered to us is inspired by precious manuscripts compiled by anonymous performers in the 17th century. Some of the them will be presented in the concert in Bucharest – „Par mes Chants”. Marco has placed within it his favorite songs and instrumental pieces: those which have accompanied him for many decades and whose appeal has resisted getting worn out by repeated playing over the years, and those to which all sorts of audiences have warmly responded. Although this music was created for aristocratic circles, it can speak today to everyone, adults or children, connoisseurs or neophytes, the rich or the poor, because, Marco Horvat is convinced of it, the only genuine aristocracy is that of the heart.

Bucharest Early Music Festival is organised by Antiqva Association and is highly appreciated by the Romanian public. The event holds the third place among the „most popular festivals” in Bucharest, after the classification made in 2014 by the Romanian National Institute for Cultural Training and Research.



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