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July 29, 2021

Hansel and Gretel at the Children’s Comic Opera

This autumn, the Children’s Comic Opera (16 Giulesti Road) announced a special encounter for viewers of all ages, with the characters of the most beloved children’s music creation: “Hansel and Gretel”, adapted after E. Humperdinck. Appreciated on the world’s greatest lyrical stages, the premiere was presented at the Grand Hall of the Children’s Comic Opera, as a result of a consecrated creation team that included director Cristian Mihailescu, conductor Ciprian Teodorascu, scenery designer Viorica Petrovici and choreographer Catalin Caracas.

“Hansel and Gretel is the best known opera for children in the world. There is no opera house to miss presenting it, at least once and this is why the stake is high. The director must decide what he wants to say with this perfect story. I was attracted by the intelligence of the two children, their evolution from playing to instant maturity. Hansel and his sister Gretel have to save themselves and to beat the witch, a force apparently more powerful and oppressing. Yet, intelligence wins. And youth wins, as it always does. All of these are surrounded by the noble, brilliant, touching and lyrical music by Humperdinck. Hansel, Gretel and Humperdinck are the winners of the show I imagined”, director Cristian Mihailescu declared.

The beloved characters are played by artists Raluca Oprea, Eliza Lassel (Hansel),  Oana Serban, Virginia Stamate (Gretel), Ioana Bitere (Gretel / Mother), Mirela Dumitrescu (Mother), Vicentiu Taranu, Dani Filipescu, Fang Shuang (Father), Gabi Daha, Valentin Racoveanu (Witch) and Lucia Racoveanu (Night Fairy, Dawn Fairy and Dwarf).

During the 2014 – 2015 Season, the Children’s Comic Opera will present four more productions: “Christmas Story” (mosaic show), “Peter Pan” (musical), “The Magic Flute” (opera) and “The Little Match Girl” (ballet).





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