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May 20, 2022

Nicolae Banicioiu: ‘We have reopened 25 hospitals out of the 69 closed by the Boc Government’

The Ministry of Health, in the last one and a half years, has reopened 25 hospitals out of the 69 that had been closed by the Cabinet led by Emil Boc, Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu has recently stated. ‘We have reopened 25 hospitals out of the 69 that had been closed by the Boc Government, but we have also reopened several departments within existing hospitals. The 26th hospital – the one in Targu Frumos, Iasi, will reopen this week. This year we have completed six new maternity hospitals and another one will be ready by the end of the year. Once a hospital closes down and the personnel is driven away while not conserving the equipment, the process of reopening it is very difficult’, Minister Banicioiu said. Asked if the reopened hospitals were no longer black holes of the healthcare system, as they were described at the time when the decision was made to close them down, Banicioiu said that ‘healthcare does not produce money’. ‘Hospitals produce health which, in a way, supports the labour force, a population that is able to pay taxes and who can have a normal daily activity. Right-wing politicians wanted to cut everything, claiming they were cutting back on expenditures. It was not the thinking of professionals, it was the philosophy of some amateurs’, Minister Banicioiu said, quoted by Agerpres.
Health card up and running as of 1 January 2015
Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu said 85 % of the insured persons had already received their health cards, noting that 11.4 M cards had been distributed in total. ‘I am going to give you the figures as they are today (Thursday – a/n) – 11.4 M cards have already been distributed through the Post to the insured persons. It means that almost 85 per cent of all insured people in Romania have received their card. Service providers are now getting card readers, family practitioners are beginning to acquire them, not all of them have it yet, but they will all have it by year end’, Nicolae Banicioiu said on Adevarul Live. He also noted that the distribution process went better than expected. ‘We expected to reach approximately 80 per cent of the card distribution at the end of November, which means that the distribution will end a little sooner than expected’, Banicioiu said. The Health Minister explained that that health card would become operational on 1 January 2015 and compulsory after three more months. As for the electronic file, the minister said it would be functional beginning with 2015 and expanded to all medical service providers, including medical laboratories. ’At present there are 3M initialised files are we are now preparing methodological norms governing the operation and filling in of the file, meaning the Government decision stipulating those norms, which, in my opinion, can be on the table of the Government before the end of the year’, Banicioiu said.
The minister further noted that, in 2015, the medical referral note would be electronic, and it would be implemented until December 2015, adding that medical leaves would also be managed electronically.
Banicioiu also said that he anticipated for 2015 a ‘rise’ of the Health budget, where national programmes would have priority. ‘Priority will be given to national programmes (…) that tailor the budget of the ministry starting from providing the medication and all that is needed for the national programmes. CNAS calculates the necessary for all the CNAS programmes, as well as for the operation of hospitals. I therefore expect things will look better in 2015 from a financial point of view’, Banicioiu said.
The minister of health noted that all national programmes and sub-programmes would be preserved and that he was also contemplating reopening some programmes such as the in vitro fertilisation or the screening of newborns for hypoacusia.

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