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January 31, 2023

Liberals and Sibiu left without leaders

After Klaus Iohannis is worn in as President of the country, after 22 December, both the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the city of Sibiu will be left without a president and mayor, respectively.
Is Crin Antonescu returning?
In as far as PNL is concerned, it will need to call an extraordinary congress in session to elect new leadership. From January 2015, Iohannis’ Liberals and Blaga’s Democrat-Liberals, members of the ACL alliance until the end of 2014, will keep separate leadership and operate with the name of PNL, with two presidents.
Among the names mentioned there are PNL Vice-President Ludovic Orban, PDL President Vasile Blaga and the rumour is that Crin Antonescu may return.
The meeting of the new PNL resulting from the merger of PNL and PDL took place yesterday. Both PNL President in office Klaus Iohannis and PDL President Vasile Blaga attended, as well as organisation leaders from across the country and members of the national leading bodies of both parties. Ex-PNL President Crin Antonescu was absent, but Liberal Senator Mircea Ionescu Quintus was present.
‘I want to tell you that we are in an entirely unusual situation: we won a president and lost a president, therefore the president of the country will take up his position and we, in the National Liberal Party, will have to find a temporary solution until we hold elections, also with PDL and with… together’, said PNL President of Honor Mircea Ionescu Quintus. Asked about Crin Antonescu’s role, Quintus said he had been surprised by his attitude. ‘If he had been here or if Mr. Tariceanu had been patient enough to stay here, they could have both run for president of the party. (…) I don’t understand what is going on with him (…). He said he needed to rest’, said the PNL senator, who noted that PNL would most likely come to power in 2015.
At the meeting the participants discussed the political strategy to follow after election.
Klaus Iohannis: ‘We want to take over power, we, PNL‘
PNL Co-president Klaus Iohannis said after the PNL-PDL meeting that the new National Liberal Party wanted to take over the power, and that would happen in 2015 or 2016 when the parliamentary election take place, at the latest. He added that PNL ‘does not want just an ostensible embellishment of a PSD government’. ‘There are voices asking why we don’t demand the urgent change of Government. What we want is a change of power in Romania. We want to take over power, we, PNL. There are no longer two parties, there is just one – the new PNL – w–o seeks power’, Iohannis said, adding that he wanted ‘a deep change’. ‘This is what I understood from the citizens who voted’, Iohannis concluded.
Sibiu deputy mayor is the favourite
Things seem simpler in Sibiu. Deputy Mayor Astrid Fodor from the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDRG) will most likely be the candidate of the party in the partial election of a new mayor of the city, after Mayor in office Klaus Iohannis is sworn in as president of the country, according to HotNews who quotes PNL Sibiu President Mircea Cazan.
He noted the Liberals would not have a candidate in the election of the mayor of Sibiu, as the Germans are in a majority on the City Council. ‘I find it normal that they should keep the mayor’s office since they also have the majority on the Council. I understand that Mrs. Astrid Fodor will most likely be their candidate’, the PNL MP said. Deputy Mayor Astrid Fodor is currently acting Mayor of Sibiu, in Iohannis’ place.

Cezar Preda: Catalin Predoiu to be premier, not Traian Basescu
Deputy Cezar Presa told  at a press conference in Buzau, that the script “Traian Basescu- premier is PSD’s obsession” and when the new PNL will form a majority in Parliament, “Predoiu will be at the helm of the government”. “They released a  hateful, rude script, that Iohannis will nominate  Traian Basescu as prime minister”. Traian Basescu and also Victor Ponta went into the history books. When we will have a majority, Catain Predoiu will be the prime minister,” Deputy Cezar Preda said in Buzau.  The Liberal MEP added that if Traian Basescu will return to politics in the People’s Movement Party (PMP), he will have to take it all the way with this party. “I understand from Traian Basescu that if he re-enters the politics, he will go to the PMP and will clean this pocket-party of all corrupt and all people who have tarnished its image, but he will have to start over again, because there will be nothing left” said Preda.

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