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October 5, 2022

Romania, United States perform joint mast “stepping” ceremony for Deveselu missile defense site

Officials from Romania, the United States, Poland, NATO, and Turkey conducted a joint Mast Stepping ceremony on November 17, 2014 for the Aegis Ashore missile defense site now under construction at Deveselu, Romania. In naval tradition, when a mast is stepped (process of raising a ship’s mast and setting it into a notch or step in the keel at the end of the building process), those onboard the ship have the opportunity to contribute coins or other memorabilia to be placed under the mast for good luck. In anticipation of the successful completion of the Deveselu Missile Defense Site in 2015, Romanian, U.S., Poland, Turkey, and NATO officials put items such as command or organizational coins, newspaper articles relating to the project and other memorabilia items into a box that will then be placed under the mast that will erected at Deveselu.On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu participated in the event. He placed in the box that is to be stored in Deveselu a photograph from the first round of negotiations regarding the placing of the US ballistic missile defence system in Romania. The ceremony took place on the sidelines of the Multinational Ballistic Missile Defence Conference and Exhibition, organized by the Missile Defence Agency of the US State Department and hosted by Romania between November 17-19, 2014. The Aegis Ashore site at Deveselu is scheduled to begin operations by the end of 2015.State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu on Tuesday reiterated Romania’s interest that local firms get involved in the setting up of the Deveselu Base. The Romanian official met with Director of the US Missile Defense Agency, Vice Admiral James D. Syring, the Foreign Ministry reports in a release. During the talks, emphasis was put on the progress of the US. missile defence system in Romania in enforcing the provisions of the Romania-US Agreement on setting up the U.S. ballistic missile defence system in Romania since 2007. Bogdan Aurescu hailed the successful conduct in 2014 of testing of parts of the U.S. ballistic missile defence system Aegis Ashore, including the SM3 Block I B interceptors to be deployed at the Deveselu Base. The tests confirmed the efficiency of the Aegis ballistic missile defence system and the on schedule deployment of the second stage in the US European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA). Vice Admiral James D. Syring reaffirmed the United States’ firm commitment to making the Anti-missile facility at the Deveselu military base operational in 2015


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