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February 3, 2023

Serban Nicolae: Ioan Rus and Ilie Sarbu’s place not in PSD

In the context of the war currently going on and the growing dissatisfaction in PSD with Victor Ponta’s defeat in the presidential election, PSD Senator Serban Nicolae on Tuesday wrote a letter to the Social Democrats in Transylvania where he states that ‘Ion Rus and Ilie Sarbu’s place is not in the Social Democratic Party’.
‘Dear colleagues, I am writing to you today with the bitterness of the failure suffered in the election of the President of Romania, but also with an intact trust in the fundamental principles and political values that keep us together and in the shared aspirations to the welfare of our country. Many of you I know personally. Most of you know me. Since almost 25 years ago, when I joined politics, I have remained loyal to the Left-wing philosophy on Romanian society, political fundaments residing on social democracy, development, solidarity, responsibility, compassion, commitment and progress’, the PSD senator writes in his letter.
‘If this had been a successful formula, everything would have been all right. But it is not and never was. What began with an abomination – the inside attack on Ion Iliescu, as early as since the e–d of 2004 – could have not continued in any other way. This group has not made any positive contribution to the Romanian Left or this party. Furthermore, due to the constantly poor results, hesitating and even conniving political action, the leaders of that group have only strengthened the flawed perception that the Left has no support in Transylvania and that the people of Transylvania are overwhelmingly supporters of the Right’, Serban Nicolae states in his open letter. ‘In reality, impostors with no connection with authentic Social Democracy have become known and perhaps even feared through conspiracy, attacks on colleagues, rapacious hunt of positions and offices, arrogance and disdain. I could often hear you voice opinions similar to mine, disavow such conduct and take distance from them’, he adds, also stressing that ‘it is not Social Democracy’.
‘Social Democrats do not keep clear of people, do not hide in obscure chambers, do not make decisions behind closed doors, do not act with self-sufficiency and hatred towards their party mates or the voters. Social Democrats talk to the people they wish to represent, listen to them, understand and respect them. Social Democrats are decent, moderate and humble. Social Democrats do politics, not politicking. I am writing to you to ask you publicly to take your identity and dignity in your own hands. I know whom I am addressing and I know what I am asking of you. The place of Ioan Rus and Ilie Sarbu is not in the Social Democratic Party. They are not Left-wing and could never ever represent Transylvanian Social Democracy. You have that power. You may be surprised to discover respectable people who could represent you. Representative people who can lead you. What valuable people you are’, reads Serban Nicolae’s letter. .
Ioan Rus is Vice President of PSD and Ilie Sarbu is Senator of Timis.
In Cluj county, Iohannis won 73.82% of the vote and Ponta 26.17%.
In Timis, Klaus Iohannis won 66.73% of the vote and Victor Ponta 33.26%.
PSD Maramures head: I reconfirm support for Ponta, Dragnea; any inside PSD attack – dangerouss
The leader of PSD in Maramures, Gabriel Zetea, reconfirms on behalf of the organisation ‘the unconditional support’ for Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea, adding that any attack from within the party on the two leaders was ‘not welcome and dangerous’, Mediafax reports.
According to a press release issued by PSD Maramures on Tuesday and signed by the branch president, Gabriel Zetea, Liviu Dragnea ‘has worked enormously all this time, both at an administrative and political level, something the members of PSD in Maramures truly appreciate’.
‘I wish to reconfirm, on behalf of PSD Maramures, our unconditional support for Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea. Any attack from within PSD on the two presidents is not welcome and also dangerous. Liviu Dragnea has worked enormously all this time, booth at an administrative and political level, which is truly appreciated by the members of PSD in Maramures. For that reason, we are warning anyone who intends to start an internal war that they will come against the wall raised by PSD Maramures around Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea’, reads the quoted document.
Gabriel Zetea invites the members of the PSD National executive Committee ‘to more moderation’, as what the party needs right now is ‘unity’.
‘We received a powerful message from Romanians in the presidential election. Maybe here, in Transylvania, we understood them slightly better. I therefore invite all colleagues to respect the vote of Romanians and learn from the mistakes we have made. And, at the same time, I trust that, together, we can reinvent PSD as Romanians asked us to through their vote’, Gabriel Zetea notes in his press release’.

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