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February 1, 2023

CINEPOLITICA Extra Time: About Freedom beyond the Wall

Monday night at Cinema Elvira Popescu, debuted Extra Time CINEPOLITICA event organized to mark 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Organized by Asociatia  “Cultura si Imagine”, with the support of the German Embassy in Bucharest, CINEPOLITICA Extra Time is an event “off season” of CINEPOLITICA International Film Festival . The events were opened with the screening of “Up to the Border – A Personal View of the Berlin Wall,” a documentary with unpublished images found in private archives, on days when the wall was traced. The film was made of over 250 hours of recordings with direct witnesses of the construction of “the ugliest monument in the world”.

On Tuesday evening was presented the movie “It Happened in August. Building the Berlin Wall – Anatomy of a Political Crisis “, conducted by German director Ullrich Kasten, in 2001.” One morning, in August 1961, Berlin was divided into two, at the order of the United Socialist Party leadership, first with barbed wire, then with cement blocks. How was it possible?”.

The screening was followed by a debate on “Last Curtain”, in which will be discussed the timing and effect of the fall of the Wall, Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, the lobby of the West and the Iron Curtain. Participants: Iosif  Klein Medesan, editor at  BBC and Voice of America at the time, collaborator of Radio Free Europe in Prague, and Adrian Niculescu, historian, analyst, professor at SNSPA, author of many books on political and historical themes.

The  documentary “Off Ways / Elektrokohle (Von wegen)” directed by Uli M. Schueppel was also screened yesterday evening.The film describes the strange journey into a world so close and yet so different, which they did on 21 December 1989, of the cult band members of West Germany Einstuerzende Neubauten, when they crossed the Berlin Wall and went to their first concert in the East.

The feature film “Good Bye, Lenin!”, directed in 2003 by Wolfgang Becker will be screened this evening Wednesday evening starting with 18:00. The film tells the story of a young man who, in 1990, to protect the mother, fragile after a prolonged coma, of the shock from being awakened in another world. He does everything he can for his mother not know that her beloved East Germany as she knew, disappeared.

From 20.30 will be screened the film “The Tunnel” (“Der Tunnel”),directed by  Roland Suso Richter. The cast includes also  the actress of Romanian origin  Alexandra Maria Lara. The hero of the film is Harry Melchior, former swimming champion of East Germany, which has strained relations with the regime, after a few years in prison. He manages to escape to West Berlin and is decided to bring there his sister, together  with her family. It appears a very dangerous idea, a tunnel. The film is based on a true story.


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