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February 3, 2023

Ford to lay off 680 employees from Craiova plant following decline of auto market

Ford Romania has announced on Wednesday that due to the decline of demand on the European auto market it will implement a programme for the voluntary ceasing of the individual employment contracts for 680 employees of the Craiova plant.
The employees may join the program by December 18, and if through the voluntary joining programme the target number of layoffs is not reached, a programme of layoffs on economic reasons will be launched.
The leader of the Ford union, Ovidiu Cioroianu, stated, for Agerpres, that the termination of 680 jobs at the Ford plant in Craiova is the largest termination of personnel in the plant’s history.
‘We will attend consultations, with proposals and solutions for these people. We are speaking of a reduction of almost 23 percent of the total number of employees of the factory’, said Ovidiu Cioroianu.
In a press release remitted to Agerpres, Ford Romania mentions that through this measure it intends to use the optimal amount of workforce left in Craiova and fulfill the current conditions of production, while the company’s leadership is looking for new opportunities to produce in Craiova a second type of vehicle, after the model that is produced currently, B-Max.
‘While B-Max continues to be one of the best sold models of the B-MAV segment, the auto market in Europe remains at a low point. As a consequence, the plant in Craiova had, this year, to cease production for a significant number of days, both in the vehicle assembly department, as well as in the engine production department. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the Craiova plant and in order to have control over operational costs, it is necessary to take additional measures to adjust production levels to meet the current demand of the market. In order for this to happen a reduction of the workforce is in order’, Ford Romania states.

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