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February 4, 2023

PSD prepares for Congress

The honorary president of PSD, Ion Iliescu, considers that a “thorough analysis” of the party’s activity is needed, and will be performed in a congress. Nonetheless, such analysis should not be made under the impulse of emotions, Iliescu thinks.

Asked whether PSD members learned anything from his advice, given ten years ago, to give up their arrogance, Ion Iliescu declared: “Partly”. As for a possible resignation from the leadership of the party by Victor Ponta, Ion Iliescu said: “It is a matter that concerns him and the party leadership. They know better”.

“I am looking forward to a mature judgment in a party forum, that would extract all conclusions regarding the party’s activity, to party’s manner of functioning and the local structures of the party; more precisely, to a moment of really serious analysis of the situation”, Ion Iliescu mentioned.

Asked whether he expected Government partners to leave PSD in the near future, Iliescu declared that “the party experienced similar moments in 1996 as well, when we lost the elections after PSD had detained the power. We were in the opposition for a while, as three Governments of the Democrat Convention followed one another. We returned in the Government in 2000. (…) Obviously, in times like these, each partner decides depending on their best interests”, the honorary President of PSD declared.

The former head of the state considers that PSD has an experience accumulated in time and it needs to extract all conclusions. “In 2004, when we lost elections and when Mr. Basescu became president, we had a party congress and proper decisions were taken. I think this is a similar moment that similarly imposes a thorough analysis. Here, there are 25 years of activity in democracy. The alternation of political parties is natural in a democracy, as for parties and political forces, they must draw their own conclusions after each confrontation. And PSD will do it in a serious frame, that of a party congress”, Ion Iliescu underlined.

Asked whether the PSD campaign team had sought his advice for the recent elections, Ion Iliescu declared that he did not even want to be “their permanent advisor”, although some communication had occurred.

Sarbu: “The Congress most likely in February, why should we hurry now”?

The summoning of the Congress was mentioned on Tuesday by the leader of PSD Senators, Ilie Sarbu as well. He declared that the PSD Congress would most likely be held in February.

“The Congress will most likely be held in February, why should we hurry now?”, Ilie Sarbu said.

Referring to the Social-Democrats that demand sanctions, exclusions from the party and organizing a congress after the results of the elections, Ilie Sarbu declared that “there are some guys who always have something to complain about”, adding that he never was a “supporter of exclusions and decapitations”. The statement referred to PSD Senator Serban Nicolae’s letter issued on Tuesday, demanding the exclusion from the party of Ilie Sarbu and Ioan Rus.

“Perhaps we would find other methods; yet, it is important what we do what we have to do. (…) We must not forget that people voted for us in the Government. They gave us five million votes this time, too, and we are in the mood to leash out our minor dissatisfactions”, Sarbu declared.

He also said that the result of the election represents “an exception of all rules”, pointing out that it is the first time when PSD loses presidential elections from the position of governing party.

“We never encountered a situation like this as a governing party. After the president was elected, we were always in the opposition. And, during Mr. Nastase’s time we lost, you know, due to the “immoral solution”. In 2009, we left the government three months before the elections and as a result, Mircea Geoana lost. It was a different situation, as the party had no obligations for the voters who had granted us the majority in the Government”, Ilie Sarbu mentioned.

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