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February 4, 2023

Basescu on newly nominated Minister for Foreign Affairs: “Motoc should resign from the diplomatic corps to avoid incompatibility”

While everybody was expecting Wednesday evening the swearing in ceremony of the newly nominated ministers for foreign affairs and culture portfolios, President Traian Basescu pointed out  in a live TV appearance that some procedures were necessary before Mihnea Motoc, nominated as foreign minister, can be appointed. Namely, to avoid incompatibility, Motoc “should resign from the diplomatic corps and be dismissed from his position of ambassador to the European Union, through a decree countersigned by the prime minister,” said Basescu.
‘As regards the appointment of the two ministers, I have decided to appoint the foreign minister and the minister of culture simultaneously, and right now we have legal issues to settle before appointing the foreign minister. (…) Presently, although I have signed the decrees yesterday night, the procedures must be carried out to avoid the situation of incompatibility for him [for Motoc]. This involves two actions. One is his resignation from the diplomatic corps; the other is his dismissal from the ambassador position,’ the president explained on Wednesday.
He mentioned he had discussed with Motoc before the nomination, and he has guaranteed the diplomat his full opening for his appointment as foreign minister. He further appreciated Motoc was an excellent ambassador and would certainly be an excellent foreign minister.
‘There’s no doubt about the appropriateness and the competencies of Ambassador Mihnea Motoc, but we must avoid placing him in a situation of incompatibility. As far as I am concerned, I have signed the appointment decree. It will not be published in the [Official] Journal until there is a decree for his dismissal from the ambassador position,’ Basescu asserted.
The head of state stressed that under the Constitution, the position in the government is incompatible with any other authority office. The draft decree revoking Motoc from the embassy has been sent to the prime minister’s office, Basescu mentioned; he promised to send it to the Official Journal for publication immediately after its countersigning by the prime minister. President Traian Basescu has signed the appointment decrees for Mihnea Motoc as foreign minister and for Csilla Hegedus as culture minister and vice prime minister on Tuesday. The Presidential Administration initially announced the swearing in ceremony for Wednesday, following the publishing of the appointments in the Official Journal.
No objections for Mrs. Hegedus, responsibility lies with those who made the proposal
President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday that he has no objections as regards the person proposed for the position of culture minister, Csilla Hegedus, although he heard the debates in the public space about the business of Hegedus’ family, allegedly related to EU funds; Basescu added that the responsibility lies with those who made the proposal.
“I cannot have objections as regards the proposal for the position of minister of culture. It’s the second proposal, even though I heard the debates in the public space about the business of Ms. Hegedus’ family, allegedly related to European funds, the Constitutional Court forces me to sign the decree for the second proposal made by the Government. Under these circumstances, it is entirely the responsibility of those who made the second proposal, I cannot refuse,” the head of state told a press conference at the Presidential Cotroceni Palace.
He pointed out that as soon as the conditions as regards Ambassador Mihnea Motoc, proposed for the position of foreign minister, are met, he will send to the Official Journal the decrees appointing both Mihnea Motoc and Csilla Hegedus, to be published.

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