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February 1, 2023

Debates on distance voting bill postponed

The Chamber of Deputies has decided not to debate on Wednesday the bill on the distance voting. After contradictory discussion between the power and the opposition, the Chamber speaker announced the calling of the specialised parliamentary committee the following week.
The leaders of PNL asked that the distance voting draft law should be put high on the agenda of the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies in order to be debated and also adopted on Wednesday. Their request was declined by the vote of the majority.
The representatives of PSD stressed the bill still needed improvements and would have to be re-discussed by the specialised committees of Parliament. ‘This is not a serious draft law, it breaks Law No. 24/2000 on the legislative technique. We don’t know who has the responsibility, we don’t know the financial impact as the Constitutional Court requires through its decision and it fails to provide a crucial thing: the security of the vote’, Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea said.
The initiator of the bill, MP Eugen Tomac (not affiliated), said that, during the presidential runoff election, he had to wait six hours before he could vote in Chisinau. ‘A year ago I had a legislative initiative to introduce the distance voting, and important institutions had contributed to drafting that bill: the Foreign Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Standing Electoral Authority had also been consulted. Your vote today is a humiliating slap in the face of millions of Romanians who live outside the borders’, Eugen Tomac also said.
The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, noted that the following week the special commission tasked with the drafting of the law on the election of MPs would discuss the legislative proposal introducing the distance voting.

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