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June 27, 2022

Emil Hurezeanu on differences between “Iohannis Age” and “Basescu Age” : “One to the book store ,and the other to the liquor store!”

Journalist Emil Hurezeanu remarked the change of presidential style due to take place at Cotroceni, outlining that the new president has a lot to learn and that he must confirm his voters’ expectations, stiripesurse.ro reports.

“Mr. Iohannis will have to go through the compulsory stage named “training on the job” in the Sanskrit of management. “You learn to swim after somebody throws you in water. It happened. The nation threw in water, by universal voting, Mr. Iohannis, who had no literary or doctrine pretences, as he mentioned himself  this evening during his book launch event,” journalist Emil Hurezeanu declared for Digi24 on Wednesday evening.

He compared the president-elect Klaus Iohannis’  presence on Wednesday night at the Gaudeamus Book Fair, where he launched his book, to the action that was taking place almost simultaneously in a beer house in Bucharest, where the incumbent president Traian Basescu  met several PMP leaders. “This is interesting. It showed a way of spending more or less free time. Iohannis, waiting for the office, Basescu, preparing to leave. One at the book store, and the other at the liquor store. It is beautiful. Two ages to complete one another.”

“The Basescu age was a time of agora, of public space discussions – and the liquor store is a place like this, especially in Caragiale’s country. Mr. Iohannis exaggerates a little bit, by going towards Honterus and the library of Brukenthal, yet, without any literary or doctrine pretences. It’s OK. We are waiting for him to reveal his presidential pretences”, Emil Hurezeanu added.

Also the Antena 3 TV host Mihai Gadea, during Wednesday edition of the show “Synthesis of the Day” praised newly elected president Klaus Iohannis for the “gesture of normality” to apologize to His Majesty King Michael I in the name of the Romanian state for all the humiliation endured during the last 50 years, an apology Iohannis expressed while visiting the King at the Elisabeta Palace to wish him a happy birthday and a happy name day”.

Among other things, Gadea hinted at the humiliation His Majesty King Michael I endured three years ago in the Parliament while celebrating his 90th anniversary, when the PDL members of the Parliament (coalition colleagues of Iohannis’ PNL) left the room as a protest.

Just like Emil Hurezeanu, who was drawing a parallel between Basescu’s passion for liquor stores and Iohannis’ passion to launch and write books, Mihai Gadea declared on Antena 3 that Traian Basescu ends his term just like he started it.

He referred to the fact that, at the beginning of Basescu’s term, the press was filled with narrations of the frequent escapades the present head of the state made at the Ciresica beer house in Neptun or at the Golden Blitz restaurant in Bucharest, now, at the end of his term, Basescu was having a drink at Hanul Berarilor, hinting at Basescu’s meeting with the PMP leaders.



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