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February 7, 2023

Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatâna stay in remand

Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana remain in remand awaiting trial, the Constanta Tribunal having rejected on Thursday their new requests to be released under judicial control or house arrest. The decisions may be challenged in the Constanta Court of Appeal.
On Thursday, the Constanta Tribunal rejected Mircea Basescu’s request to replace the measure of remand with house arrest or judicial control. The same decision was made in the case of Marian Capatana, who had asked to be put on house arrest, Mediafax reports.
The decisions can be challenged in the Court of Appeal of Constanta within 48 hours.
The two made their requests last Friday, on the first court date of the judgment of the case on the merits, when Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana made contradictory statements in Court.
The next court date has been set on 5 December. Mircea Basescu, President Traian Basescu’s brother, and Marian Capatana are on trial in a case of bribe he allegedly received from Bercea Mondial. The two were arrested on 20 June, after Bercea Mondial’s family had published recordings made by his son without the suspects knowing they were being taped, which supposedly prove the influence peddling charge brought against the president’s brother.
According to the prosecutors, at the beginning of 2011, after Sandu Anghel, alias Bercea Mondial, had been arrested by the Olt Tribunal, his son, Florin Anghel allegedly gave Mircea Basescu 250,000 euro via Marian Capatana, in exchange for the promise that the president’s brother would use his influence with the magistrates hearing the case where Bercea was on trial on a charge of attempted murder – stabbing his nephew – as well as on other associated charges in the same case. Afterwards, seeing that Bercea Mondial had not been released, Florin Anghel allegedly gave Marian Capatana 350,000 euro, for the same purpose.
The investigators claim that, of the total sum of 600,000 euro Florin Anghel gave Marian Capatana, Mircea Basescu received 250,000 euro. Marian Capatana is suspected of having kept 350,000 euro out of the total amount of 600,000 euro received from Florin Anghel, as his ‘fee’ for mediating the remittance of the money.
On the other hand, following a complaint made by Mircea Basescu, Bercea Mondial’s son-in-law, Marius Constantin, was prosecuted for blackmail committed in aggravating circumstances, as a re-offender. The underworld head’s daughter, Izaura Anghel, and her juvenile brother, Grinic? Ion Anghel, were prosecuted for aggravated blackmail.
Florin Anghel, Bercea Mondial’s eldest son, was also referred to court on three concurrent blackmail counts, one of the crimes being committed as a re-offender. Their mother, Fanica Anghel, was prosecuted also for blackmail.
The same Constanta Tribunal is also hearing this case where the president’s brother appears as a victim and where the defendants are the five members of Sandu Anghel’s family – his wife, Fanica Anghel, their two sons and daughter – Florin, Grinic? Ion and Izaura Anghel and her partner, Marius Constantin, charged with blackmailing Mircea Basescu.

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