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January 27, 2023

President-elect Klaus Iohannis launched his autobiographical novel “Step by step”: “I will be a President who tries to reconnect books to man and man to books”

President-elect Klaus Iohannis has stated on Wednesday, during the event launching his autobiographical novel “Step by step”, that the people will have in him “a President who tries to reconnect books to man and man to books”, informs Agerpres. Iohannis was greeted by hundreds of people who have filled the stand of the Curtea Veche Publishing House at the Gaudeamus Fair, held at Romexpo, waiting for the President-elect to grant them autographs. He was congratulated by people and had his name chanted all along the way to the stand. The autographs session took more than three hours, everybody being keen to get books with the signature of the president –elect.”I am extremely pleasantly surprised by the large number of visitors to this event. I am used to going to bookstores and book fairs. Usually the books are easily noticed and rarely the people. Today the people are easily noticed and I hope the books too. In me you will have a President that tries to reconnect books to man and man to books, especially young people. It is very important to me to give a signal not only with and through books, but also give a signal for and through culture in the more general sense. In my opinion, culture saves us”, said Iohannis.
He said that the novel “Step by step” was thought out as a method to make himself a “little better known”. “I never had literary, nor doctrinary, ambitions. I wanted to show how I evolved in public life and what were my values (…), how I saw development in the public space”, the politician added.
Iohannis added that in the novel signed by him the sensational is not present. “What you will not find in my book is the sensational. I am an unsensational man. I have no sensational events to tell of, as I do not believe the sensational is important in politics”, he believed.
Furthermore, he said that through his novel he does not wish to convene a recipe for success. According to Iohannis, there is only one recipe for success, that of Einstein: “99 percent sweat and one percent inspiration”.
The Director of the Curtea Veche Publishing House, Grigore Arsene, reminded that many of the adjustments to the text were made while Klaus Iohannis and his team were traveling the country in their electoral campaign. “I thank you for choosing a book to communicate with the large mass of voters. I want to tell you that Romania is in the last place in the European Union in the book industry. There are counties that have no bookshop”, Arsene emphasized. Arsene has mentioned that the book will also have a second edition, that will also include moments from the electoral campaign.
Cristian Topescu, who also spoke at the launch, gave Iohannis a tennis ball, reminding of the fact that the second day after elections, the President-elect played a match of tennis. “I gift him a ball with which to win his future matches”, said Topescu. In the over 200 pages of the novel, Klaus Iohannis presents both events from the sidelines, as well as less known moments from his public life. For the first time, the winner of the presidential elections speaks openly, in an autobiographic novel, of his childhood, adolescence, of his sister, his wife, of his college days and his career in education. The novel is also available on www.curteaveche.ro, but also at the stand of the Curtea Veche Publishing House in the International Book Fair Gaudeamus, priced 15 lei.
Curtea Veche Publishing House has published this book in a first edition of 15,000 copies.


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