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February 5, 2023

Constitutional Court validates Klaus Iohannis as Romania’s president in solemn session


Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) announced Klaus Iohannis’ validation  as president of Romania in  a solemn session on Friday , in the presence of the incumbent president Traian  Basescu and numerous Liberal leaders.The ceremony began with the national anthem. President of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean, read the act of validating the election, and then handed a copy to the President-elect.According to Law 370/2004 for electing the President of Romania, the act of validating the election is triplicate, one of which remains at the Constitutional Court, one is presented to Parliament for the oath ceremony as prescribed by the Constitution, and the third is given to the selected candidate, informs Mediafax. The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Thursday completed the tabulation of the presidential runoff vote, according to which Klaus Iohannis is declared the winner of elections. According to the document, Klaus Iohannis is the candidate who has fulfilled the conditions of art. 81 of the Constitution. That article refers to “the election of the President” and stipulates, in paragraph (3), that “where none of the candidates obtains a majority (in the first round ), it is organized the second round, between the first two candidates in order of number of votes cast in the first round. The candidate who obtained the highest number of votes is declared elected “. Klaus Iohannis obtained 6,288,769 votes validly cast, and Victor Ponta 5,264,383 votes, according to the report prepared by the BEC.

Klaus Iohannis ensures he will  be a president who “respects the Constitution in its letter and spirit”

President-elect, Klaus Kohannis, said during Friday ceremony validating the elections by the Constitutional Court, he will be the president who “respects the Constitution in its letter and its spirit”. In his speech he thanked all those who voted on November 2 and November 16 . “I want to tell you all firmly  here today, I will be the president who respects the Constitution in its letter and spirit,” said  Iohannis in his speech. “I will demonstrate what I meant when I presented in front of the electorate with the statement’ I want to reconnect the President of Romania to the Constitution, ‘ he said as quoted by Mediafax.He added that the vote he got was very strong and clear.’It was a strong and very clear vote and I assure everybody that I have understood it. It is a festive moment, but at the same time I want to note that now, 25 years since the Romanian Revolution a stage is ending and the Romanians, by their vote very clearly said: full stop and back to square. The vision I presented has mingled with the Romanians’ expectations in a happy manner’, Iohannis said at a ceremony at the Court, where he received the CCR decision confirming his election.“I tell Romanians once again today, on the occasion of the  validation, that a prosperous and strong Romania can be built. But this cannot be made from one day to another or overnight.. We will build Romania of the job well done in time, and step by step,” Iohannis added, referring to the slogan of his campaign and to the title of his autobiographical book launched a few days ago.

President-elect: “A Constitution revision is necessary”

Romanian President-elect Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that, in his opinion, a Constitution revision is necessary and he promised to be a president who will follow “the letter and the spirit” of the fundamental law. “A revision of the Constitution is certainly necessary, for various reasons I do not want to list now, but certain amendments are needed to bring the law in line with state of things and to remove some uncertainties. Beyond these things I want to tell you firmly, today, here, that I will be the president who will follow the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. I will prove what I meant when I told my voters that I want to reconnect the Romanian president to the Constitution,” Iohannis said at a ceremony at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR), where he received the CCR decision confirming his election as head of state. Iohannis pointed out that the president of Romania should inspire, through his vision, the Romanian nation and through his public behavior become a model for the Romanian society

Ongoing President Traian Basescu: “I’m passing on a country which has political right or centre-right options”

Incumbent President, Traian Basescu on Friday said, at the Constitutional Court of Romania’s headquarters that after 10 years of term, he passes on a country with political right options.
“I wouldn’t have liked that the Left dominated all the state bodies at the end of my mandate. (…) I’m passing on a country which has political right or centre-right options,”, said Traian Basescu, in a speech at the CCR on the validation ceremony of the President-elect, Klaus Iohannis.
Basescu added  he is ready to hand over the office of head of state to President-elect Klaus Iohannis, and he will be at the service of Iohannis until Dec. 21 for any “transfer of information.” “I’m glad this day has arrived. I’m ready to hand over . We shall set up a process for the conduct of transition, my advisors will be at the service of Mr Iohannis’ advisors, and I will be at the service of Mr. President Iohannis until December 21 for any transfer of information,” Basescu said.
When asked if he is nervous on this occasion, Basescu said: “Not at all. I have the feeling that a period when I was extremely honoured to hold this position comes to an end, and this position has to be democratically handed over to the president-elect of the Romanians.”

“Whoever believes Romania’s transformation is a five-year process is wrong”

Outgoing President Traian Basescu said Friday that whoever believes Romania’s transformation is a five-year process is wrong. ‘Whoever believes Romania’s transformation is a five-year process is wrong. In the Romanian society, in the Romanian politics there are still enough resources to take steps back. It is the fundamental mission of the President to use all the instruments the Constitution makes available to keep the country going on the set track,’ Basescu told a ceremony that validated President-elect Klaus Iohannis. He told Iohannis that during his ten-year tenure he could feel the ‘seeds of back steps.’ During my two terms in office, therefore a ten-year period, I noticed that there will always be in the Romanian society, the Romanian mass-media, the seeds of back steps and sometimes you have to force the Constitution to the limits in order to oppose such seeds, because Romanians want a modern country. There are institutions that were modernised, and I say that without reticence, and these were the institutions that more or less depended on the Romanian President, and they took steps forward; but there are still too many unreformed institutions because of politics at the level of the Government,’ said Basescu.President Basescu confessed that he has the satisfaction of knowing that he hands over a country with clear options.’I have the satisfaction of knowing that I hand over a country with clear options: a strategic partnership with the US, our presence in the European Union and NATO and our credibility that we won especially inside NATO. National security is certainly the fundamental issue that is the responsibility of the President, which does not mean the President should be a high-ranking dignitary of Romania with no concern for the domestic realities,’ said Basescu.






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