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February 1, 2023

George Maior launches two books at Gaudeamus Fair: SRI, SIE should merge for a more effective intelligence system in Romania

Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)  Director,  George Maior, said Friday  at Gaudeamus Fair, where he released two books on topics related to intelligence, he believes that SRI and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) must cooperate more, showing that in a country like Romania, an unification, a merger would be the best model, reported  Mediafax.

Maior said that in order to have an efficient intelligence system in the 21st century , SRI and SIE  should cooperate more and  a merger, unification would be the best model in his opinion. “To have an effective intelligence system in the 21st century , it is needed on one hand, a  better organization and I believe that the two intelligence  services, SRI and SIE, should cooperate more in this respect. I have ventured a personal opinion, politically invalidated, that in a country like Romania a merger, an unification would be the best model that could make us more efficient than we are in this respect, but this is not about me, it is a professional assessment and a political will. There is nothing controversial in this and in discussing these issues in the future, “said Maior.

He added that today’s risks and threats to the security of a state from inside and from outside are inter-linked and only managed together they can provide this security. “Because today more than ever, the risks, the threats to the security of a state, the domestic stability and the external stability are inter-linked, they  develop a dynamic and a fast speed, and only together we can ensure the security of this state in an extremely complex context, “said Maior. SRI Director mentioned the “geopolitical aggressive”  situation at Romania’s eastern borders: what happens in Russia, the Ukraine issue, the upcoming elections in Moldova, and the Islamic state “in which each malevolent person means extreme ideologies seeking to destroy a way of life. ”

“That’s why we can be more effective in trying to understand these phenomena to counter them, so that we have a stable and secure country for people and institutions,” added George Maior.

SRI Director launched at Gaudeamus Book Fair two books:  “About Intelligence” and “Spy for ever: Frank Wisner” at Rao Publishing. “The two books, different through profile and size addressed, define also a new element of the culture of security in this country that we need for the state, and citizens, and for politicians and decision makers,” said Maior. He noted that first book “About Intelligence” redefines the role of intelligence in the 21st century with very interesting studies available to a wider audience. SRI Director added that the second book “Frank Wisner forever Spy” is the biography of a spy Frank Wisner unique in the world literature, “a spy sad story about a man who wanted to change the world.




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