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February 3, 2023

“Directorul nostru”, restored by the National Films Archive, screened at the Romanian Cinematheque tonight

The long film “ Directorul nostru” (Our manager), made by Jean Georgescu in 1955, will be presented on Monday at the Eforie hall of the Romanian Cinematheque in Bucharest, in a version that was digitally restored by the National Films Archive (ANF).The Monday screening starts a new series of events initiated by ANF, “Restored Masterpieces”, a press release issued to Mediafax announces.This February 12, it was the anniversary of 110 years since the birth of Jean Georgescu. On April 8, the Romanian film industry commemorated 20 years since the death of this director, scriptwriter and actor, one of the most significant personalities in the history of Romanian cinema. Harshly criticised at the launch for his accuracy in satirizing the morale of his time, “Our Manager” is considered at the time being one of the most important Romanian films of all times.The satiric masterpiece directed by Jean Georgescu features actors Alexandru Giugaru, Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Misu Fotino, Radu Beligan, Iurie Darie, Puiu Calinescu and Olga Tudorache.“It was the first genuinely dissident film of the Romanian cinema. (…) Under the pretext of a benign plot, it reflects the malevolent alienation of the elderly who have put their ideals in naphthalene and use the shell of old slogans just to keep the power.An exceptional tandem includes Giugaru, with cloddish awakenings of conscience, and Birlic, attempting to understand his position and role in the intricacy sewn as things go forward. It is perhaps the most human satirical portrait Birlic has conceived in his cinema activity”, film critic Tudor Caranfil wrote in “International Dictionary of Films”.The access of the audience is free, in the limit of available seats.



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