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February 3, 2023

All the President’s Men: Predoiu ready for the PM office, Mungiu-Pippidi denies interest for being presidential adviser to Iohannis

Invited in a TV show on Sunday evening, where he was asked if he is ready to become prime minister, the  Liberal Democratic Party’s  (PDL)  first vice-president Catalin Predoiu said “yes”, but stressed that “he has not lost his head” and that he “understands very well what it means taking such responsibility”. However, he could not specify a timeframe for his appointment as Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) premier. “We’ll see. When it will you be, it will be. The important thing is to be prepared,” said Predoiu. “The party did me the honor to appoint me, but I haven’t lost my head,  I am the same as before. I understand very well what such a responsibility means, how much hope is placed in a party when making such nomination. I am ready with all the energy to meet these expectations and to see them fulfilled, when appropriate. “said Predoiu, according Digi 24.While Predoiu is ready to take over the responsibilities deriving from the prime minister position, one of the persons whose name was speculated to be on the list of Iohannis presidential advisers denies any interest for such appointment.

Alina Mungiu-Pippidi,  the president of the Romanian Academic Society (SAR), who heads the Department of Democratization Studies at Hertie School of Governance, and has supported Klaus Iohannis during the electoral campaign through articles published on the website romaniacurata.ro categorically denies  rumors about her appointment at Cotroceni Palace in the team of Iohannis presidential advisers. “I must say unequivocally – although  I have already posted on the site and I am surprised that this information hasn’t been spread – that I will not go as adviser at Cotroceni Palace,” Alina Mungiu-Pippidi said in the TV show “Kilometer 0” on Digi24. “At this time, I see that many people have launched gossips for three days, but what happened is an elementary simple thing: the President-elect Klaus Iohannis came to my book launch, he spent an hour on a chair without saying anything – and so have been fed again the rumors on his reputation for not speaking out – and after an hour he came and asked for an autograph, respectful and then retired. Thus a lot of speculation has started. “Nothing happened, the fact that he came, does not mean anything, this does not mean at all that I’m going there as Iohannis adviser or that  he wants me to go as counselor. It means only that, from now on, we have a president who respects intellectuals in a way that we have forgotten about, “ Mrs. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi pointed out.  “Around president Iohannis there are already some persons. There are people who helped him to get up here. So it’s not like Klaus Iohannis is alone. And that number is likely to be much higher, once he becomes officially President, “said the SAR president. However, she drew attention that the presidential administration officials, including President, are very poorly paid.


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