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February 7, 2023

Will there be a PSD Congress on 20 December 2014?

The need to call a PSD Congress has been increasingly invoked by party leaders these days this last week since PM Victor Ponta was defeated in the presidential election. The certain thing is that a through analysis of the failure on the supreme party forum which is its Congress can no longer be avoided. The question that still needs an urgent answer is no longer ‘if’ there will be a Congress, as it is ‘when’ it will be called.After Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea was saying right after Ponta’s failure last week that there was no rush to hold a Congress and that it would most likely happen in February 2015, Sunday night, during the ‘Punctul de intalnire’ Antena 3 TV show he did not rule out the possibility of having the Congress by the end of the year. Sources from PSD told DCNews that the Congress would be on 20 December, meaning that Santa will bring the ruling party the opportunity of a very harsh assessment of the electoral failure, as well as the option of raising other sensitive issues that pulled the party down in the presidential election.

‘The PSD Congress will be either at the beginning of 2015 or at the end of 2014, but I hope it will happen this year. It has been discussed that it would be in February, but I say the Congress has to be at the end of 2014. The 1st of January should find us with an approved budget because that’s an important matter. Secondly, the party should have all procedures fulfilled at the beginning of 2015 in we want to begin a serious reconstruction both in terms of doctrine and organisation, but also from the point of view of communication’, Liviu Dragnea said ‘It is not permitted for a party in 2014 not to have a very well organised constant communication with the youth and via social networks’, Liviu Dragnea also said on Antena 3TV.

The vast majority of PSD leaders ‘say there should be a Congress’ this year, but there is also the possibility of calling ‘a national council for analysis and for launching political projects any time’, Dragnea told Mediafax still on Sunday. ‘If there is a Congress, the vast majority of the leaders say there should be one ’his year, so that we can start taking care of the governance as of January, for we have serious objectives and the country needs to be ruled besides any emotion. If there is no Congress, we can hold a national council for analysis and for launching political projects anytime’, the PSD executive president told Mediafax. Previously, during the Antena 3 TV programme, Dragnea had said the President of PSD, Victor Ponta, was at no risk of losing his leadership in the eventuality of a Congress. ‘I base this assertion on the discussion I have had with all organisations (branch heads – a/n), with three or four exceptions who were not in the country. They had talked about this, they didn’t just come there to share what they had dreamt about the night before, they had discussed with the organisations on Tuesday and Wednesday. They collected a few messages and passed on to us, namely that we should keep the government and keep the party leading team’, Dragnea also said.

A vice-president war about to burst out in PSD

Sources in the PSD leadership are quoted by stiripesurse.ro as saying that the current National Standing Bureau of the party, made up of eight national vice-presidents, eight regional vice-presidents and five women vice-presidents must be seriously amended. ‘Victor did not have the courage to reform the party. We need to get rid of all the ballast’, a PSD leader said, according to stiripesurse.ro

According to the quoted sources, the National Standing Bureau (BPN) must contain people of high local popularity; otherwise they are unable to collect votes for the party. ‘He thought he could bring votes on his own, but he was wrong, he needs leaders’, a PSD county leader also said, quoted by the same website.

‘The problem is that when we move to major changes in the current BPN, an anti-Ponta noise will mount’.

‘Things will get complicated at the Congress if Ponta really makes a genuine reform in PSD. He will have big issues. His chance could be that we don’t really have a better option for now’, PSD sources told.

PSD sources also told stiripesurse.ro that the party needs to get rid of the ‘stones’ from its National Executive Committee.

‘If we do not seriously change the way in which the party operates, if we do not mitigate the barons’ movement, the party will decrease to less than 20 per cent by 2016. If that’s what we want, we can leave things as they are. If we want a growing trend, we will need a different air, because it’s very clear that Romanians want a different kind of politics’, local sources said.

CExN in session this week to decide on the post-presidential election strategy

The national PSD leadership, alongside the leaders of county organisations, ministers and parliamentary leaders will meet on the National Executive Committee (CExN) this week for an analysis of the presidential election and for a Government reshuffle.

The meeting was initially scheduled for Tuesday, but the leaders have not been invited as yet. Party sources told stiripesurse.ro that ‘in principle’, the CExN meeting would be held in the latter half of this week, Thursday or Friday.

On the agenda of CExN of PSD there will be:

– Analysis of presidential election;

– Staying to power and reshuffling the Government.

-Set a date for the PSD Congress;

– Communication and position strategy for Victor Ponta

– Possible sanctions.

‘Less arrogance’ – as claimed by a leader from the national PSD leadership.


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