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February 3, 2023

2015 budget of national security relevant institutions on CSAT agenda

The Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) had a meeting on Tuesday, discussing the proposed budgets for national security institutions in 2015, as well as Romania’s strategic trends in the energy infrastructure development plan.On the agenda of CSAT there were subjects relevant to: the report on the measures Romania has made for enforcing the regime of international sanctions; Romania’s strategic trends in the plan for the development of the energy infrastructure in the context of European developments in the field, an analysis of the activities for the implementation of international documents along the line of weapon control, growing trust and security, reads a press release of the Presidential Administration. The CSAT meeting also addressed  the participation of the Romanian Army in the NATO Resolute Support mission to Afghanistan in 2015.The plan for the use of Romanian armed forces deployed to missions and operations outside the Romanian territory in 2015 is another theme on the agenda of the meeting.On the CSAT agenda there was   also ‘an inter -institutional analysis for the evaluation of the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea by Russia on the security of Romania, Republic of Moldova and the region’.Other topics on the CSAT meeting agenda were the updating of the Plan for the mobilisation of national economy for defence for the 2014-2016 period and the programme including the objectives of operative preparation of the territory for defence, valid in the 2013-2016 period, updated.‘The item record and maximum quantitative and intangible levels of the Home Affairs Ministry reserves as well as their structure per product, the approval of the draft Government Decision sanctioning the item record and maximum quantitative and intangible levels of the Home Affairs Ministry own reserves, as well as their structure per product, the draft state budget for the first year of war, valid in the 2014-2016 period’ are also among the subjects on the CSAT agenda.The proposed 2015 budgets of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Romanian Intelligence Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service and Protection and Security Service, as well as the activity schedule of the Supreme Defence Council in 2015” are also among the themes discussed during the CSAT meeting.The report on the fulfilment of the provisions of the general protocol for the organisation and operation of the National System for the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism – 2014 was also on the agenda of the CSAT meeting.Other topics on the CSAT agenda referred, according to the release, to ‘findings and conclusions stemming from the activity for the protection of classified information’, the National Plan for Intelligence Priorities in 2015, as well as the report on the state of play of the regime for the control of conventional weapons in the Euro-Atlantic space.


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