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September 28, 2021

Bogdan Aurescu: “For me MAE is my home”

New Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu stated yesterday in his first statement as head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) that for him MAE is “his home,” and Romania’s goals and interests at international level are his belief, pointing out at the same time that to a great extent his colleagues are professional and upstanding.

“For well over 18 years I have come to work at the ministry every day, on Saturdays and Sundays too, often at night too. I am a career diplomat and I believe that in this context this formula is the best formula for leading the MAE and Romania’s diplomacy, foreign affairs. I trust my colleague diplomats and consuls who are, to a very large extent, professional and upstanding. I support them and I ask them to remain like this,” Aurescu said. “You know me: for well over 18 years I have come to work at the ministry every day, and this includes Saturdays and Sundays, and in many cases at night too. I have moved up the diplomatic ladder step by step, from referent and attaché to plenipotentiary minister. For me this institution of diplomacy is also my home and Romania’s foreign policy goals and her interests at international level are my credo,” Aurescu stated, being quoted by Mediafax.

He pointed out that so far he has done his duty as best he could and gave assurances that he will continue to do so from his new position too, which “is not a reason for personal joy, but of responsibility and work for Romania’s foreign policy goals and interests.”

“Romanian diplomacy is a fundamental institution of the Romanian state”

The new head of diplomacy also stated that MAE cannot be “a weak institution,” since it has to contribute to the attainment of Romania’s foreign policy goals. “Romanian diplomacy is a fundamental institution of the Romanian state and MAE is the structure, the essential instrument which has the duty to implement Romania’s foreign policy and to contribute preponderantly, to the greatest extent, to the attainment of Romania’s foreign policy goals and interests at international level. Consequently, this institution cannot be weak, but strong, because the accomplishment of Romania’s national interests depends on it. And it has to continue being so, especially in the extremely complicated security context in our close vicinity. Diplomacy is an institution that has to be capable of working ceaselessly, day and night, for these goals. That is why it has to be functional – but it cannot work when the good will, professionalism and integrity of its people are questioned,” the Foreign Minister emphasized.

The new foreign minister appreciates the start of the General Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation into how the voting was organized

On this occasion, Aurescu also stated that it is very good that the General Prosecutor Office has started an investigation into the way the voting was organized, in order for the blame to be clearly established, emphasizing that the MAE will “fully cooperate” in this investigation. “I want to tell you from the start that from my point of view my appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister – for which I am greatly honored – is, first of all, a reason for extra responsibility, of preoccupation and tireless work for Romania’s foreign policy, rather than a reason for jubilation or personal joy,” Bogdan Aurescu pointed out. “Likewise, I am deeply familiar with the difficult domestic context in which the reputation of the ministry and its people had to suffer. My opinion is that all aspects related to the organization of the elections and the Foreign Ministry’s involvement in this process have to be sorted out, and we also need to shed light on those responsible. From this point of view, the General Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation is a very good measure. This investigation will reveal the persons responsible, if this responsibility exists, and I believe it’s important to let the investigation do its work. The Foreign Ministry will fully cooperate with this investigation,” Bogdan Aurescu emphasized.

His first visit will be to Moldova, after elections there

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Tuesday announced that his first official visit as chief of Romania diplomacy will be to Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, on December 1, after which he would go to Brussels to attend the reunion of the NATO member states’ foreign ministers. “I’ve already had a phone call with Mrs. Natalia Gherman, the Moldovan Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration – it was my first diplomatic contact with a counterpart – and we’ve analyzed together the situation in the region and in the Republic of Moldova,” Aurescu said.

In this respect, Minister Aurescu said the parliamentary elections that will take place in the Republic of Moldova on November 30 are a historic moment and a “matter of national security” for Romania. “The November 30 elections in the Republic of Moldova are a historic moment for the society across the (river) Prut which should hopefully mark the consolidation of the Republic of Moldova’s irreversible path towards Europe and the continuation of democratic reforms. If not, all the efforts made by the pro-European government and by the European Union as well, including the very intense efforts made by Romania in this strategic direction, would have been in vain. That is why this moment is to Romania, situated at the external border of the EU and NATO, a matter of national security,” the Romanian chief-diplomat explained.

Aurescu also said that Romania, alongside the other EU member states, will continue to support Kiev’s efforts of deep reform in Ukraine and the implementation of the decisions made at the NATO summit, decisions generated by the situation in Ukraine.

He added that his second official visit will be to Brussels, where he will attend the NATO foreign ministers’ summit on December 2, and on December 4 and 5 he will be in Basel, Switzerland where he will participate at the summit of OSCE member countries’ foreign ministers.

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