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July 2, 2022

Ponta assumes failure in the presidential elections, says no one else to be blamed

The leader of the  Social Democrat Party (PSD),  prime minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that he assumes failure in the presidential elections and that if he took laurels when he won, now he will not blame anyone else. “I am responsible. How I won, I took the laurels. Now do you think that I will blame anyone else?, “said Ponta. He said that it is important at this time for PSD  to ensure good and effective governance.Ponta also said on Tuesday that the Social Democrats who “jump the line” at the moment believing that they will win positions in the future leadership of the party is wrong, showing that he will use all the authority that  he still possesses in the party to put them in place. Asked what his position on the demand advanced by more social democrats on Dragnea’s resignation from the post of executive vice-president, Ponta replied: “My position is that we are a democratic party and all these things are to be decided by everyone, and who salts out of the row believing that he will gain something,  I think he is wrong and I will use all the authority that I have in the party yet to put them in their place. ” Ponta also added, answering a question, that who will harm PSD will be penalized and will be expelled from the party.

Social Democrats will decide next week on holding the Congress early next year

The Social Democrat president  said that  the party’s joint parliamentary groups at a meeting next week will formally approve the PSD’s staying in government and holding the PSD congress early next year. ‘I discussed with the group in the Senate what I’ve also discussed with the group in the Chamber of Deputies. Namely that next week, in the joint groups we must make the formal decision as well to continue governing. Afterwards we will have the budget, the most important moment when we once again prove that we do not raise taxes, that we can make good on everything we promised in the electoral campaign and I think that is a crucial moment. There will then will follow a vote for the restructuring of the government, so that our Liberal fellows might also come by our side in the government’, Ponta said at the end of the meeting with the Social Democrat senators. ‘And the PSD congress – in the beginning of next year, with a new practical project that should give us the possibility to change everything that has gone wrong and everything that must be fundamentally changed’, the prime minister stressed.

Geoana: “PSD needs to undergo deep transformation”

Social Democrat (PSD) senator Mircea Geoana insisted on Tuesday that the party needs to undergo deep transformation that should turn it into a modern competitive force and pointed out that, in his opinion, the talks about the hierarchy of certain persons in the party are a secondary issue.’No matter what plaster we put now on the wound from the presidential elections will not be enough, we need a deep transformation of the party into a modern and competitive left-wing force… I am absolutely convinced that all the conclusions of these presidential elections will be analysed calmly and with extreme seriousness at all levels of our party’, Geoana said in an address to Parliament.He added that the PSD Executive Committee is expected to discuss ‘that government reshuffle’, which he deems indispensable.Keeping a functioning majority in the legislature is a necessity, added Geoana, himself a presidential contender in 2009, when he lost to outgoing President Traian Basescu.’The announcement made by the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) that it will go to the president-elect’s camp should surprise no one, it is what the UDMR has done every time (…), it is a decision this grouping has made every time in a consistent manner. Therefore, stabilising the majority in order to ensure the governing of the PSD and its allies is a must and the decision to co-opt the PLR (Liberal Reforming Party) parliamentarians into an explicit majority is mandatory, given that the UDMR shows signs of placing itself towards Mr (Klaus) Iohannis’s grouping,’ Geoana said.The former PSD leader stressed, ‘If we decide to keep governing, then we will have to produce extraordinarily competent governing, at an extraordinarily important time… The PSD chances in 2016, at the parliamentary and local elections largely hinge on the quality of our governing’, Geoana pointed out.



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