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January 27, 2023

Sulfina Barbu: PNL to initiate censure motion after February 1, 2015 to overtake the government “in a constitutional manner”

PNL will submit a censure motion in the next Parliament session, party Vice-President Sulfina Barbu declared, mentioning that the party wishes no “negotiations behind closed doors to establish other majorities” and that PNL will overtake the government “in a constitutional manner”.

“I am referring at the two manners the government may be overtaken. The censure motion is one of them, and it is known that we have no right to file a censure motion during the present session of the Parliament. We may only do it for the next Parliament session, only after February 1, 2015. If another Parliament majority is created at the next censure motion, it is obvious that we can discuss a proposal of a Government led by the National Liberal Party. At the time being, we have a majority in the Parliament that supports the Government led by Mr. Victor Ponta

And we do not wish negotiations behind closed doors to establish other majorities. Obviously, 2016 is the year of elections. It is the year during which we hope that we will persuade Romanian voters to grant us trust, to provide us a majority of their votes, to allow us to form the Government. I think that it is important that the National Liberal Party has the maturity to examine things from the perspective of the Constitution and of Romanian elections. Nobody denies the possibility of snap elections in 2015, but this is another topic, that may be discussed at the right time”, she continued.

The PNL Vice-President mentioned that PNL will file a censure motion next year.

“Usually, the Opposition uses all constitutional means to oppose. As a constitutional mean, I may say now that yes, the National Liberal Party will file a censure motion during the Parliamentary session that starts on February 1, 2015. The topic and the moment will be selected by the party, depending on the grossness of Mr. Ponta’s governing manner, and that of the government Mr. Ponta leads. But this instrument will certainly be used”, Sulfina Barbu mentioned.

Asked whether PNL will have negotiations with certain groups in the Parliament before filing the censure motion, to make sure it would pass, Sulfina Barbu declared:

“Probably, when the motion will be filed, it will be written, explained and submitted and it will be probably presented to other groups in the Parliament that may support the censure motion. All things will be discussed in due time”.

Asked what parties PNL would discuss with, Sulfina Barbu answered: “Definitely, for a censure motion, the first parties to be taken into account would be the ones sharing a similar doctrine orientation. But this topic is still too premature to approach.”



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