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February 4, 2023

New Presidential Administration has gained contour, Dan Mihalache to be head of Iohannis’ chacellery

Klaus Iohannis’ list of presidential advisors has gained contour and is almost ready. A few of the future advisors already attended their first official mission of Wednesday, by visiting the Cotroceni Palace to meet Traian Basescu’s advisors and discuss details about the overtaking of the position and Iohannis’ actual relocation to the presidential palace.


In an interview  for the newspaper “Gazeta de Maramures”, Dan Mihalache, the future head of the Klaus Iohannis’ chancellery (also the person who has also managed the strategy of the president-elect’s campaign, especially opinion polls, market research and political messages), declared that the political project he intended to carry on was the organization of the presidential administration. Respectively, “its construction and reconstruction, depending on the projects of the newly elected president”, but also on his personality”.

“Klaus Iohannis is a very normal man; he even has a very well developed sense of humour and self-irony. He is a man who knows how to reach his target, once he has established it and I think he will be a very down to earth president of Romania. In a certain way, Klaus Iohannis represents a change of paradigm in Romania’s public life. He does not speak much and he gives short answers. When he considers that a question has no meaning, he simply refuses to answer it. He does not want to make a show. News TV stations seem unprepared for this manner of public messages. They want scandal, reaction, comments and conflict, in order to increase their rating. They love it when Romania’s Prime Minister, instead of governing, is talking with them on the phone, live in primetime”, Mihalache declared in his interview for the newspaper “Gazeta de Maramures”.

Asked whether there was a discontentment of the presidential administration at the time being, Dan Mihalache gave a negative answer, while also outlining that “a presidential administration is organized depending on the priorities of its leader, finally. At the time being, I have my eyes on the grading structure”, he added.


Dan Mihalache to head the chancellery

A graduate of the Law Department and a doctor in political sciences, Dan Mihalache will be the head of Klaus Iohannis’ chancellery. Mihalache had started his public activity as a journalist and, afterwards, he had entered the political scene.

An adviser of PM Adrian Nastase for three years, Mihalache was elected member of the Parliament in the elections of 2004. In 2006, he became an observer at the European Parliament, and starting in 2007, he became a member of the European Parliament.

Afterwards, in 2009, he moved to the Liberal Party, as an advisor to PNL president and presidential candidate Crin Antonescu. Starting in 2011, he became deputy general secretary in PNL and head of the Political Analysis and Communication Department.

Similarly to the newly elected president, Dan Mihalache had his share of ANI issues that cost him his position as deputy general secretary of the Romanian Government. After a two-year lawsuit, he won the lawsuit against the Agency, and charges of incompatibility were dropped.

Mihalache had been declared incompatible by ANI in November 2012 and, in response, threatened to sue ANI leader Horia Georgescu, whom he had declared a “frustrated bastard”.

Afterwards, Mihalache was dismissed by PM Victor Ponta from his SGG position, due to the statements he had targeted against the USA at that time. “I personally do not care about the statement. And I do not care about the Romanian – American strategic partnership. If the Romanian – American partnership depends on Mr. Horia Georgescu, we are better off without it”.

The economical advisor

Cosmic Marines, who will advise Iohannis on economical matters, is presently accused of plagiarism in a furious scandal. He is accused by Repel, a side he has published his works on, of self-plagiarism as well as plagiarising a few excerpts from a work written by Austrian economist Jorg Husman.

Marinescu denied the claims: “Publishing the same text in several magazines does not harm copyright laws. Publishing the same original text in two distinct magazines does not mean, in any way, disrespect to other people’s intellectual property.”

In 2013, Cosmin Marinescu was an adviser of Finances Minister Daniel Chitoiu and the press revealed that he was paid EUR 4.000 monthly as a member of the General Assembly of CEC shareholders. In 2009, Marinescu wrote an article in “Capital” magazine, supporting the legalization of drugs.

Political analysis advisor

Iulia Huiu, a graduate of the Political Sciences Department of the Bucharest University and a PNL member since 1998 will be the political analysis advisor.

She had previously advised former PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and former Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu. Huiu has constantly posted on her blog publishing comments that defended the political line of PNL. “I’ve read the obnoxious comments made by Traian Ungureanu and Mircea Cartarescu. (…)

Stop claiming that you are intellectuals, because intellectuals do not behave like this!” Huiu was writing in January 2011.

In the summer of 2012, Huiu was writing about former PSD PM Adrian Nastase: “He is a powerful man, a man who refused to accept humiliation and the violation of his dignity. He is a man I respect”.

Huiu was described by sociologist Barbu Mateescu as a person endowed with “quality political reasoning and a lively intelligence”.

The advisor on relation with civil society

Historian Andrei Muraru was involved in a scandal at the Institute for Investigation of Communism Crimes and the Memory of Romanian Exile (IICMER) in 2012, after being appointed the president of the respective institute by PM Victor Ponta.

Shortly after Muraru’s appointment, IICMER employees rose and demanded his resignation. Actually, the situation at the institute brought the IICMER president the attention of the US State Department, as, in their report on human rights in Romania, for the year 2012, mentioned that Andrei Muraru was yelling at his subordinates and threatening them.

The future presidential advisor graduated the History Department of the University in Iasi and, immediately after graduation, he became advisor in foreign relations at the Commerce Chamber of the Municipality of Bucharest.

As a member of CA of TVR, a position he was offered in 2014, he protested against the manner of SRTV presenting the electoral campaign. “The public TV station was the only one not to broadcast the public protests of November 14 and electorally detoured the show “Life in the Village”, pointed out Muraru in a protest he signed besides other members of CA of TVR.

At Cotroceni, he is planned to manage relations with public authorities and the civil society.

(A column based on “Evenimentul Zilei.)


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