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February 3, 2023

Stormy meeting troubles PSD leadership, Geoana, Sova and Vanghelie excluded from the party

PSD leaders convened on Thursday at the meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN) to analyse the terrible results reached at the second round of presidential elections and found those who are guilty for the party’s situation: Mircea Geoana, Dan Sova and Marian Vanghelie who have been excluded from the party. But will their departure from PSD solve the party’s problems? Hard to believe.

The meeting of CExN revealed a constant clash of contradictory public positions at the highest level in the party, expressed by Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea, regarding the moment of summoning the party congress, the forum that would analyse the PSD candidate’s failure of the presidential elections.

At yesterday’s meeting, PSD leaders also discussed the date of the party’s next congress, insistently demanded by the heads of the party. While some people thought that the organization of the congress this December would be adequate, others have considered the month of March, next year. In the end, PSD Executive Committee voted on proposal for next Congress to be held in March

Prime Minister Victor Ponta advocated the party’s keeping the government, inviting Tariceanu’s party (PLR) into the Executive as well as the taking of responsibility by those who caused the failure in the presidential election. Ponta did not nominate anyone in particular.

A tough exchange of retorts happened between Ion Iliescu and Ioan Rus. Rus urged Iliescu to find a way to unglue the label of ‘communist’ from Victor Ponta’s forefront and the ex-president, vexed by the minister’s mockery, replied to him: ‘Am I a communist? If it hadn’t been for me to do the Revolution, you wouldn’t have been able to speak freely now!’ Antena 3 TV informed, quoting PSD sources.

A few days ago, Liviu Dragnea publicly pointed out that he has the approval of most local branch leaders for the fast organizing of a congress on December 20, and, as a result, the party could overtake the task of governing. Dragnea also mentioned that, if the organizing of a congress is not accepted, a National Council of analysis and launching political projects could be held anytime.

After this declaration made by Dragnea, Ponta, who has recently returned from his holiday in Dubai, mentioned that PSD may perform their analyses regarding the failure of the elections in spring, as the priorities of the moment are the restructuring of the Government and preserving the majority in the Parliament, by including PLR in the Government.

Another important topic CExN planned to decide upon on Thursday was staying in the Government. There were differences of opinion as well, as, after November 16, there were voices in the party who demanded that the party would leave the Government. The Mayor of District 3 in Bucharest, Robert Negoita, was among the most vocal supporters of the idea that PSD should give up governing.

Also, there was a good deal of blaming for the failure at the presidential elections. Liviu Dragnea was accused by Dan Sova, who claimed that Dragnea was responsible for the poor results as he had organized the campaign.

Also Marian Vanghelie demanded the Executive President of PS, Vice-PM Liviu Dragnea, to make one step back.

PSD President Victor Ponta is determined not to resign. He announced a reshuffle of the Government after December 10, when members of PLR, Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s newly founded party, will be included in the Government.

Mircea Geoana agreed with the formula of a Government reshuffle and inviting Tariceanu’s party to join the Government under the circumstances that UDMR seems to leave the coalition.

Sova: I don’t believe I will be kicked out of the party

PSD Vice President Dan Sova stated  before the CExN meeting, that he does not believe he will be excluded from the party because he does not see “the reason,” adding that he agrees with Victor Ponta that the party’s congress should take place next spring.

Asked whether he expects being excluded from PSD, Sova stated: “I personally do not believe so, I don’t believe. It’s a rumor. I don’t see the reason why someone would propose it.” He pointed out that his statements after the presidential elections “did not harm the party.” “Maybe I made them too fast, but they didn’t harm the party,” Sova added.

Andronescu: Some have already paid for making mistakes

PSD Vice President Ecaterina Andronescu pointed out, before the CExN meeting, when asked about excluding Marian Vanghelie or Robert Negoita from the party, that a war causes only victims. “Consequently, we don’t need victims. We need to understand that when we expressed our option for this party, we expressed the option for its members and consequently tolerance is part of the intelligence with which and manner in which we are treating these things,” Andronescu stated. Asked how should those who made mistakes pay, Andronescu answered: “I believe some have already paid.”

Vanghelie: I have no problem from this point of view

PSD Vice President Marian Vanghelie stated before the meeting that he has “no problem” from this point of view. “I don’t have a problem from this point of view. There might be persons upset, but I believe things have to be analyzed very seriously. Even though I don’t like someone, I don’t believe I have to kick him out. I would like for us to tackle these things at the National Council, at the congress, I don’t believe exclusions can be like this.” Vanghelie also stated that a party congress should take place in February-March next year. Regarding the request for Liviu Dragnea to resign, Vanghelie stated that Liviu Dragnea has to assess himself “single-handedly.”

Nichita: PSD must keep government and Ponta and Dragnea at the leadership of the party

The Vice-President of PSD Gheorghe Nichita said before the CExN  that the party must keep the government and the Ponta-Dragnea team should stay at the helm of the party in order to secure the government, and that the Congress should be called in the spring for a ‘cold’ analysis.

‘We need to do a cold analysis, find solutions with calm and tranquility. Party exclusions are secondary things as far as I am concerned, it’s important to see how we can proceed so that the party can discard certain perceptions the electorate has. I am not going to discus any exclusions right now’, Nichita said. He pointed out that initially he had been in favour of a quick Congress, but changed his mind afterwards.

‘I was for a quick Congress, but now I’m thinking that, perhaps if we judge this while we are heated up, we might judge too aggressively. There are advantages on both sides. We will talk about this’, Nichita said. He added that PSD should keep the government and that the mandate he had received from Iasi mayors was to support that and endorse Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea at the helm of PSD.

Ivan: The Congress should be summoned in spring, not now, under the influence of emotions; we are all to blame.

PSD MEP Catalin Ivan declared on Thursday, before CexN, that the party should make a serious analysis of the failure at the presidential elections, also pointing out that, due to this reason, the congress should be summoned in spring, “not now, under the influence of emotions” as the blame is collective and it should be assumed as such.

“It was not a wave of support for Iohannis, it was a wave of repulsion against PSD and our candidate. We have to make a serious analysis, to see how we can come to terms with these voters”, Ivan said.

He showed that the congress should be held at the beginning of the year 2015.

“The congress should definitely be held next year, after things settle down a bit, and we have to make a serious analysis to see where this wave of repulsion against us appeared from”, Ivan said.

The MEP pointed out that PSD should remain in the Government and that the persons to blame should not be sought at the time being. He also explained that he is against exclusions from the party.

“We had a very good government, we have projects that must go on. We have to make a very serious analysis, not to search for scapegoats today. It is not a proper time for exclusions. Analyses must be made when we are calm. We all share this failure, we are all to blame and we all have to assume it”, the PSD MEP declared.

Marian Oprisan: The Prime Minister should dismiss inefficient Ministers!

The head of PSD Vrancea, Marian Oprisan declared on Thursday, in front of the National Executive Committee, in reply to a question regarding a possible reshuffle in the Government, that PM Victor Ponta should dismiss “all of those who were inefficient”.

Marian Oprisan, too, declared that PSD should make a serious analysis at the end of this electoral cycle that ended with the presidential elections.

“I am convinced that PSD must remain in the Government, as it did a fine job so far. There were errors, too; but it brought the wages back to initial levels, it increased the pensions and it removed the tax on reinvested profit”, Oprisan declared.

Asked who were the Ministers PM Ponta was supposed to dismiss, Oprisan answered: “The inefficient ones”.

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