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January 27, 2023

Udrea says she warned former party fellows about irregularities at ANRP, Blaga denies

People’s Movement Party (PMP)  President Elena Udrea said on Adevarul Live on Wednesday that, during the time she was a member of the Boc Government, she had brought to the attention of her colleagues certain irregularities at the National Agency for the Return of Properties (ANRP), but the ‘reaction was the institutions and colleagues was she was wrong and things were Ok’.

‘At the time when I was a member of the Boc Government, I brought to the attention of colleagues in the party and to the institutions that a lot was being said about the fact that corruption was happening there, in connection with the ANRP president. Those were things I had heard’, Udrea said.

The PMP president noted that ‘at that time, the reaction of institutions and colleagues was that she was wrong and that things were Ok’.

‘Three years later it turns out that I was right and that corruption was happening there, that at the level of the leadership of the institution the things I had heard were very likely to be true. (…) I am one of the people who warned that what was going on at ANRP was serious, illegal and that the restitution of rights, especially to those who had purchased litigation rights, should be stopped’, Udrea pointed out.

She noted that she would not say the names of the colleagues whom she had warned about the situation at ANRP. ‘They were colleagues in the Boc Government; I’m not going to give you their names. (…) I talked to them, the answer was that I was wrong and that things were all right there’, she added.

Asked why she had not brought the irregularities to the attention of the National Anti-corruption Department, Elena Udrea answered she had not notified DNA because ‘it was not her business’. ‘I received signals from people, citizens, relevant people, I had no concrete information, but it was a clear signal that things were going on there. At the time there was no confirmation of what I reported’, Udrea said, adding she had received ‘signals from the society, business environment and employees’.

Elena Udrea also said that, in 2009, when the debate was on appointing PDL or PSD representatives to the leadership of certain agencies, when the two parties were in an alliance, ‘when there was the discussion on ANRP’, she opposed to the agency being allocated to PDL.

Blaga: “Mrs. Udrea is lying”

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga (ex-PDL President) says Elena Udrea never said anything about corruption at ANRP in PDL, at least not to him or Emil Boc.

‘It is very serious. She never told me and she never told Mr. Boc. I have no merit or non merit in appointing a person. Mrs. Udrea didn’t say anything to us. Mrs. Udrea is lying’, Vasile Blaga said on Romania TV.




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