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March 28, 2023

Geoana: Ponta “chief responsible” for the vote abroad, Corlatean “his main accomplice”

Freshly expelled from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in a North-Korean like manner, senator Mircea Geoana told a news conference given at the Palace of Parliament on Friday that Prime Minister Victor Ponta is the ‘chief responsible’ for the way that the vote in the presidential elections from Nov. 2-16 was organized in the diaspora, while former Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean is ‘his main accomplice’.

Geoana urged the Foreign Ministry, ‘an institution that must be taken out of the political maneuvering’ to make public all the requests received from the embassies and consulates for setting up polling stations abroad.

According to him, Ponta and Corlatean, who resigned his position after the first round of the presidential polls, ‘kept the overall number of the polling stations abroad, but modified them by allotting fewer polling stations to the large Romanian communities and assigning more where there are few Romanians’.

Geoana, who was expelled from the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) on Thursday, voiced firm belief that ‘such a plan was deliberate’ in speaking of the re-assignment of the polling stations abroad.

He underscored it rests with the judicial system to decide whether there are any criminal deeds in this case or not. ‘I wait for the justice system to energetically probe into this matter, because there can be no such thing as shunning this responsibility… The political decision to not set up additional polling stations abroad belonged to Victor Ponta exclusively’, Geoana stressed


Urge to PSD members: “Take back your party!”


Senator Mircea Geoana on Friday urged the real members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to understand that the path the current PSD leadership has designed for the party is “a dead end”, and he also asked them to take back their party.

“This is not the real PSD, this is not the real left wing. So I tell you, real PSD members take back your party! According to the statute of the party, paragraph 2, article 35, the PSD leader is elected by the vote of all the members. 400,000 PSD members, you shall have the right to ask for a new election. I make this call to the real Social Democrats of the party’s second and third level, people who have nothing to do either with the fear of being expelled from the party, or the greed for money,” Geoana told a press conference on Friday at the Parliament.

He also said that “rich and corrupt” became the “new slogan” of the PSD under the leadership of the Ponta-Ghita-Dragnea triad, and for this reason, he calls for a party modernization.

“We shall have to come up with a platform of a modern left wing, genuinely democratic that listens to the voice of the street,” Geoana pointed out.

Geoana said he is ready to give a helping hand for “the revival of PSD”.

“We must give PSD a chance. If the PSD members prefer to kill themselves politically, together with the bad triad made up of Ponta, Ghita and Dragnea,  if PSD mimics left-wing politics, but switches to right wing politics, I will be forced to come up with a new left wing platform that might represent an alternative,” said Geoana, adding that there are “lucid and honest people” in the Social Democratic Party.

PSD leader Victor Ponta on Thursday evening said that three leaders of the party – Mircea Geoana, Marian Vanghelie and Dan Sova – have received sanction of expulsion from the party on behalf of the National Executive Committee .


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