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May 26, 2022

Ion Iliescu vehemently reacts to accusations that his communist background harms PSD, harshly criticizes ideological deviations in the party

PSD honorary president Ion Iliescu said in an open letter to party members and supporters, published on Friday on his personal blog, that he refuses to receive “lessons from people who believe they have bought a party, PSD” and from “people who put their personal interest before the public interest “. “I refuse to receive lessons from people who believe they have bought a party, PSD, and which they lead, directly or through intermediaries, as a corporation. PSD is not owned by anyone. PSD is not an investment, and its political programme should not be confused with a business plan. And the country’s governing is not a profit to be maximized at all costs. This  caricature –like vision made us more harm than anything else in this  electoral race. If we continue down this road, failure is not far. People’s life is not only about money, “said PSD honorary chairman, in  a post on his blog.

Iliescu also refuses to receive “lessons from people who put personal interests ahead of the public interest, who did not prove anything in politics, instead they succeeded to remove people from the party by arrogance and contempt. Such people, topped the party, and are among the reasons why Romanians voted against Victor Ponta in the runoff election,” the PSD founder writes on his blog.

He says that “PSD goes through a difficult time,” but before search guilty persons for this situation, solutions are needed to be found and added that, unfortunately, instead of an analysis was made, it was taken “a last resort”, excluding the three members , “which did not solve any of the problems the party.”

“Worse than this hasty gesture is that party leaders do not understand what really accuse PSD members and supporters. It’s about that for some time, and especially in the past election campaign, PSD stubbornly avoided to assume its identity of left, social democratic party, “said PSD leader. He  added:” Now it’s  outlined at the top of the party the excuse that Victor Ponta would have lost because I would be communist, and this would affect the party’s image. It’s a mess, and a cowardly act, things that I cannot  understand and accept. With this  explanation, everyone who should have taken responsibility for failure is exempt from any liability. Escaping liability is not a solution,” pointed out Mr. Iliescu, hinting to Sebastian’s Ghita statements regarding Ion Iliescu’s bad influence on the PSD’s image because of his communist background.  PSD Honorary Chairman also says in his open letter that currently, the party pays “ideological confusion price from the decade” and is about to lose “the competition at ideas’ level” because “although many people, young and less young, with studies of the highest quality, here or abroad, who share left wing ideas, they don’t have whom  to communicate in PSD “.

“Many lessons to be learned from the failure in the presidential elections”

Iliescu said that there are many lessons to be learned from the failure in the presidential elections. “Perhaps the most important is that we cannot win, if between the party and its leaders there is a gap. Unfortunately, it exists now. I’m afraid it does not work that needed dialogue and mandatory asset-with party organizations,  party members, with the citizens. The analysis must start from scratch. Internal party democracy is not a word in the wind. And we, a left party, shouldn’t transform it  in a form without substance “, details  Iliescu. Former PSD Chairman also noted that the leadership of the party “is too bushy, and because of that, it’s inefficient”.  “The multiplication of decision centers leads to dilution of responsibility and, finally, to any liability,” said Mr. Iliescu. He warned that PSD  became a “show-party” and its collegial leadership bodies, are forms without substance “.

Honorary President of the PSD believes that the party should remain in power, but “it must be a government reshuffle, to form a solid team, professional, consistent, to govern accordingly.”





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