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January 27, 2023

Ponta says he would submit mandate of PM if Iohannis appointed a new one from the current coalition

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Friday he would submit the mandate of prime minister if he had the guarantee that President-elect Klaus Iohannis would appoint a prime minister from the current coalition and if existed the idea of a clear majority by 2016. “Technically speaking, it was something I would have done it for sure, whether some traditions that exist in Western countries  would apply to us, too. That is, more directly ,and I told to my colleagues, that- if I make sure that the president in office Mr. Basescu and future president, Mr. Iohannis would say ‘I understand, I appoint a prime minister from the current coalition ‘- I go tomorrow and I submit my mandate of prime minister , I would do that. I think it would be great to have a new prime minister,” Ponta told DCNews. He pointed out that, according to the Romanian political tradition, the President appoints his prime minister, even skipping a parliamentary majority, as it happened often. Asked to say explicitly if he would submit mandate  whether  Iohannis appointed a prime minister from the current coalition, Ponta replied: “That would be normal, because beyond the act of governing, which I appreciate as meeting the essential points in the first two years, beyond that, I ran for president and lost, this is a personal responsibility”.

“Further, if exists the idea of ​​a clear majority in 2016, I think we could continue with another prime minister,” said Ponta. He stressed that the idea of ​​continuing governing is not related to his person and said that he mentioned this also during the CExN meeting on Thursday.”In case of such a discussion, yes,  I believe we can continue with the same majority, with another prime minister. The idea of ​​continuing governing is not related to me, but is related to the majority ,to the political agenda and to the votes that we have achieved in 2012, ” Ponta told DCNews.



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